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AGC Biography - Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton

hamilton.jpg (25987 bytes)Margaret Hamilton was educated at Earlham College in Indiana, earning an AB in Mathematics.  She then moved to MIT, doing her postgraduate work in meteorology.   From MIT she moved to the Lincoln Laboratory, working on the pioneering SAGE system and then on to MIT/IL.  She was initially hired as a programmer but moved rapidly into the systems design area, taking on additional responsibility after Apollo 8 as the person in charge of all Command Module software.  By the end of the Apollo program, Hamilton was responsible for all onboard flight software.  After the Apollo program, she worked on the Space Shuttle and Skylab prgrams.  After leaving MIT/IL, by that time Draper Lab, she moved into the private sector, forming her own compnay, Higher Order software to further develop ideas about error prevention and fault tolerance emerging from her experience at MIT/IL.  In 1986, Margaret Hamilton was awarded the Ada Lovelace Award by the Association for Women in Computing.




Margaret Hamilton was a participant in AGC project conference 1 and conference 2.

-- A.B., Jan, 2002.