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Molecular Evolution


Transcript of the 1963 Macy Conference on Genetics

I. Table of Contents and Opening Remarks (Sunday Evening Session, 11/3/63)

  • Table of Contents (pp. i-ii)
  • Call to Order and Opening Remarks by Chairman James V. Neel (pp. 1-2)

II. Inbreeding Effects (Monday Morning Session, 11/4/63)

  • "The Results and Analysis of Studies on Inbreeding," led by Alan Robertson (pp. 3-14)
  • "Inbreeding Effects in Plants," by H.F. Robinson (pp. 15-88)

III. Continuation of Discussion of Inbreeding Effects (Monday Afternoon Session, 11/4/63)

  • "Inbreeding Effects on Larger Mammals," by G.E. Dickerson (pp. 89-130)
  • "Introduction of Homozygosity in Heterozygous Background," by Richard C. Lewontin (pp. 131-149)
  • "Experiments with Spontaneous Mutations," by Bruce Wallace (pp.150-166)

IV. Continuation of Discussion of Inbreeding Effects (Tuesday Morning Session, 11/5/63)

  • "Studies on Inbreeding Effects in Japanese Children," by W.J. Schull (pp. 167-219)
  • Concluding Remarks, by Alan Robertson (pp. 220-246)

V. Distortion of Genetic Ratios (Tuesday Afternoon Session, 11/5/63)

  • "Studies on the Distortion of Genetic Ratios and Their Interpretation," led by L.C. Dunn (pp. 247-272)
  • "The SD Phenomenon," by James Crow (pp. 273-296)
  • "Implications of the T Allele in Mice," by Howard Levene (pp. 297-323)
  • "Prospects for Changing Transmission Ratios," by Everett Dempster (pp. 324-334)
  • Remarks, by L.C. Dunn (pp. 335-338)
  • "Drive Effect," K.G. Atwood (pp. 339-342)

VI. Distinguishing Between Mutational and Segregational Loads (Wednesday Morning Session, 11/6/63)

  • "Approaches to Distinguishing Between Mutational and Segregational Loads," by James Crow; followed by
    extensive discussion (pp. 343-441)

VII. Continuation of Previous Discussion and Conclusion (Wednesday Afternoon Session, 11/6/63)

  • Continuation of Discussion on Distinction Between Mutational and Segregational Loads (pp. 442-468)
  • Suggested Studies to be Done (pp. 469-483)
  • Adjournment (p. 484)


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