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Molecular Evolution: Bibliographies

Molecular Evolution: Bibliographies

We stress the plural, "bibliographies," for several reasons. We would like to make available bibliographies for each of the different topics of the website (e.g., "The Neutral Theory," "The Molecular Clock," "Molecular Anthropology," etc.).

For each topic, we would also like to post bibliographies of the "secondary" (e.g., historical and philosophical) literature in addition to the "primary" (in this case, scientific) literature on which the secondary sources are based.

And finally, we encourage the contribution of alternative bibliographies, representing alternative perspectives of each topic (e.g., bibliographies that stress techniques vs. bibliographies that stress theories, alternative "top 10" bibliographies, etc.).

You also have the opportunity to comment on entries in the bibliographies.

See also the "Documents" section of this website for online versions of published and unpublished materials.

Endnote Library for the Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution (328K zipped file; Version 10/27/01)