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Dibner Workshop, May 2002, Transcripts


On May , 2002, a workshop was held at the Dibner Institute to discuss issues that would be worthwhile to pursue on this website. Participants included biologists James Crow, Ford Doolittle, Richard Lewontin, and Tomoko Ohta, and historians Jay Aronson, John Beatty, Robert Cox, Michael Dietrich, Will Provine, Jan Sapp, George Smith (Director of the Dibner Institute) and Tomoko Steen.

Much of the discussion was substantial, and not merely procedural. We have transcribed those portions of the discussion and included them here.

The discussions here have mostly to do with molecular population genetics, and not with many other issues that we also hope to cover on this website, e.g., molecular phylogenetics, evolution of the genome, and much more.