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A Joint Fermi-GBM and LIGO/Virgo Analysis of Compact Binary Mergers From the First and Second Gravitational-wave Observing Runs

Hamburg, R. and Fletcher, C. and Burns, E. and Goldstein, A. and Bissaldi, E. and Briggs, M. S. and Cleveland, W. H. and Giles, M. M. and Hui, C. M. and Kocevski, D. and Lesage, S. and Mailyan, B. and Malacaria, C. and Poolakkil, S. and Preece, R. and Roberts, O. J. and Veres, P. and von Kienlin, A. and Wilson-Hodge, C. A. and Wood, J. and Abbott, R. and Abbott, T. D. and Abraham, S. and Acernese, F. and Ackley, K. and Adams, C. and Adhikari, R. X. and Adya, V. B. and Affeldt, C. and Agathos, M. and Agatsuma, K. and Aggarwal, N. and Aguiar, O. D. and Aich, A. and Aiello, L. and Ain, A. and Ajith, P. and Allen, G. and Allocca, A. and Altin, P. A. and Amato, A. and Anand, S. and Ananyeva, A. and Anderson, S. B. and Anderson, W. G. and Angelova, S. V. and Ansoldi, S. and Antier, S. and Appert, S. and Arai, K. and Araya, M. C. and Areeda, J. S. and Arene, M. and Arnaud, N. and Aronson, S. M. and Ascenzi, S. and Ashton, G. and Aston, S. M. and Astone, P. and Aubin, F. and Aufmuth, P. and AultONeal, K. and Austin, C. and Avendano, V. and Babak, S. and Bacon, P. and Badaracco, F. and Bader, M. K. M. and Bae, S. and Baer, A. M. and Baird, J. and Baldaccini, F. and Ballardin, G. and Ballmer, S. W. and Bals, A. and Balsamo, A. and Baltus, G. and Banagiri, S. and Bankar, D. and Bankar, R. S. and Barayoga, J. C. and Barbieri, C. and Barish, B. C. and Barker, D. and Barkett, K. and Barneo, P. and Barone, F. and Barr, B. and Barsotti, L. and Barsuglia, M. and Barta, D. and Bartlett, J. and Bartos, I. and Bassiri, R. and Basti, A. and Bawaj, M. and Bayley, J. C. and Bazzan, M. and Bécsy, B. and Bejger, M. and Belahcene, I. and Bell, A. S. and Beniwal, D. and Benjamin, M. G. and Bentley, J. D. and Bergamin, F. and Berger, B. K. and Bergmann, G. and Bernuzzi, S. and Berry, C. P. L. and Bersanetti, D. and Bertolini, A. and Betzwieser, J. and Bhandare, R. and Bhandari, A. V. and Bidler, J. and Biggs, E. and Bilenko, I. A. and Billingsley, G. and Birney, R. and Birnholtz, O. and Biscans, S. and Bischi, M. and Biscoveanu, S. and Bisht, A. and Bissenbayeva, G. and Bitossi, M. and Bizouard, M. A. and Blackburn, J. K. and Blackman, J. and Blair, C. D. and Blair, D. G. and Blair, R. M. and Bobba, F. and Bode, N. and Boër, M. and Boetzel, Y. and Bogaert, G. and Bondu, F. and Bonilla, E. and Bonnand, R. and Booker, P. and Boom, B. A. and Bork, R. and Boschi, V. and Bose, S. and Bossilkov, V. and Bosveld, J. and Bouffanais, Y. and Bozzi, A. and Bradaschia, C. and Brady, P. R. and Bramley, A. and Branchesi, M. and Brau, J. E. and Breschi, M. and Briant, T. and Briggs, J. H. and Brighenti, F. and Brillet, A. and Brinkmann, M. and Brockill, P. and Brooks, A. F. and Brooks, J. and Brown, D. D. and Brunett, S. and Bruno, G. and Bruntz, R. and Buikema, A. and Bulik, T. and Bulten, H. J. and Buonanno, A. and Buskulic, D. and Byer, R. L. and Cabero, M. and Cadonati, L. and Cagnoli, G. and Cahillane, C. and Calderón Bustillo, J. and Callaghan, J. D. and Callister, T. A. and Calloni, E. and Camp, J. B. and Canepa, M. and Cannon, K. C. and Cao, H. and Cao, J. and Carapella, G. and Carbognani, F. and Caride, S. and Carney, M. F. and Carullo, G. and Casanueva Diaz, J. and Casentini, C. and Castaneda, J. and Caudill, S. and Cavaglià, M. and Cavalier, F. and Cavalieri, R. and Cella, G. and Cerda-Duran, P. and Cesarini, E. and Chaibi, O. and Chakravarti, K. and Chan, C. and Chan, M. and Chao, S. and Charlton, P. and Chase, E. A. and Chassande-Mottin, E. and Chatterjee, D. and Chaturvedi, M. and Chen, H. Y. and Chen, X. and Chen, Y. and Cheng, H. P. and Cheong, C. K. and Chia, H. Y. and Chiadini, F. and Chierici, R. and Chincarini, A. and Chiummo, A. and Cho, G. and Cho, H. S. and Cho, M. and Christensen, N. and Chu, Q. and Chua, S. and Chung, K. W. and Chung, S. and Ciani, G. and Ciecielag, P. and Cieślar, M. and Ciobanu, A. A. and Ciolfi, R. and Cipriano, F. and Cirone, A. and Clara, F. and Clark, J. A. and Clearwater, P. and Clesse, S. and Cleva, F. and Coccia, E. and Cohadon, P.-F. and Cohen, D. and Colleoni, M. and Collette, C. G. and Collins, C. and Colpi, M. and Constancio, M., Jr. and Conti, L. and Cooper, S. J. and Corban, P. and Corbitt, T. R. and Cordero-Carrión, I. and Corezzi, S. and Corley, K. R. and Cornish, N. and Corre, D. and Corsi, A. and Cortese, S. and Costa, C. A. and Cotesta, R. and Coughlin, M. W. and Coughlin, S. B. and Coulon, J. P. and Countryman, S. T. and Couvares, P. and Covas, P. B. and Coward, D. M. and Cowart, M. J. and Coyne, D. C. and Coyne, R. and Creighton, J. D. E. and Creighton, T. D. and Cripe, J. and Croquette, M. and Crowder, S. G. and Cudell, J. R. and Cullen, T. J. and Cumming, A. and Cummings, R. and Cunningham, L. and Cuoco, E. and Curylo, M. and Dal Canton, T. and Dalya, G. and Dana, A. and Daneshgaran-Bajastani, L. M. and D'Angelo, B. and Danilishin, S. L. and D'Antonio, S. and Danzmann, K. and Darsow-Fromm, C. and Dasgupta, A. and Datrier, L. E. H. and Dattilo, V. and Dave, I. and Davier, M. and Davies, G. S. and Davis, D. and Daw, E. J. and DeBra, D. and Deenadayalan, M. and Degallaix, J. and De Laurentis, M. and Deléglise, S. and Delfavero, M. and De Lillo, N. and Del Pozzo, W. and DeMarchi, L. M. and D'Emilio, V. and Demos, N. and Dent, T. and De Pietri, R. and De Rosa, R. and De Rossi, C. and DeSalvo, R. and de Varona, O. and Dhurandhar, S. and Díaz, M. C. and Diaz-Ortiz, M., Jr. and Dietrich, T. and Di Fiore, L. and Di Fronzo, C. and Di Giorgio, C. and Di Giovanni, F. and Di Giovanni, M. and Di Girolamo, T. and Di Lieto, A. and Ding, B. and Di Pace, S. and Di Palma, I. and Di Renzo, F. and Divakarla, A. K. and Dmitriev, A. and Doctor, Z. and Donovan, F. and Dooley, K. L. and Doravari, S. and Dorrington, I. and Downes, T. P. and Drago, M. and Driggers, J. C. and Du, Z. and Ducoin, J. G. and Dupej, P. and Durante, O. and D'Urso, D. and Dwyer, S. E. and Easter, P. J. and Eddolls, G. and Edelman, B. and Edo, T. B. and Edy, O. and Effler, A. and Ehrens, P. and Eichholz, J. and Eikenberry, S. S. and Eisenmann, M. and Eisenstein, R. A. and Ejlli, A. and Errico, L. and Essick, R. C. and Estelles, H. and Estevez, D. and Etienne, Z. B. and Etzel, T. and Evans, M. and Evans, T. M. and Ewing, B. E. and Fafone, V. and Fairhurst, S. and Fan, X. and Farinon, S. and Farr, B. and Farr, W. M. and Fauchon-Jones, E. J. and Favata, M. and Fays, M. and Fazio, M. and Feicht, J. and Fejer, M. M. and Feng, F. and Fenyvesi, E. and Ferguson, D. L. and Fernandez-Galiana, A. and Ferrante, I. and Ferreira, E. C. and Ferreira, T. A. and Fidecaro, F. and Fiori, I. and Fiorucci, D. and Fishbach, M. and Fisher, R. P. and Fittipaldi, R. and Fitz-Axen, M. and Fiumara, V. and Flaminio, R. and Floden, E. and Flynn, E. and Fong, H. and Font, J. A. and Forsyth, P. W. F. and Fournier, J.-D. and Frasca, S. and Frasconi, F. and Frei, Z. and Freise, A. and Frey, R. and Frey, V. and Fritschel, P. and Frolov, V. V. and Fronzé, G. G. and Fulda, P. and Fyffe, M. and Gabbard, H. A. and Gadre, B. U. and Gaebel, S. M. and Gair, J. R. and Galaudage, S. and Ganapathy, D. and Gaonkar, S. G. and García-Quirós, C. and Garufi, F. and Gateley, B. and Gaudio, S. and Gayathri, V. and Gemme, G. and Genin, E. and Gennai, A. and George, D. and George, J. and Gergely, L. and Ghonge, S. and Ghosh, Abhirup and Ghosh, Archisman and Ghosh, S. and Giacomazzo, B. and Giaime, J. A. and Giardina, K. D. and Gibson, D. R. and Gier, C. and Gill, K. and Glanzer, J. and Gniesmer, J. and Godwin, P. and Goetz, E. and Goetz, R. and Gohlke, N. and Goncharov, B. and Gonzalez, G. and Gopakumar, A. and Gossan, S. E. and Gosselin, M. and Gouaty, R. and Grace, B. and Grado, A. and Granata, M. and Grant, A. and Gras, S. and Grassia, P. and Gray, C. and Gray, R. and Greco, G. and Green, A. C. and Green, R. and Gretarsson, E. M. and Griggs, H. L. and Grignani, G. and Grimaldi, A. and Grimm, S. J. and Grote, H. and Grunewald, S. and Gruning, P. and Guidi, G. M. and Guimaraes, A. R. and Guixe, G. and Gulati, H. K. and Guo, Y. and Gupta, A. and Gupta, Anchal and Gupta, P. and Gustafson, E. K. and Gustafson, R. and Haegel, L. and Halim, O. and Hall, E. D. and Hamilton, E. Z. and Hammond, G. and Haney, M. and Hanke, M. M. and Hanks, J. and Hanna, C. and Hannam, M. D. and Hannuksela, O. A. and Hansen, T. J. and Hanson, J. and Harder, T. and Hardwick, T. and Haris, K. and Harms, J. and Harry, G. M. and Harry, I. W. and Hasskew, R. K. and Haster, C.-J. and Haughian, K. and Hayes, F. J. and Healy, J. and Heidmann, A. and Heintze, M. C. and Heinze, J. and Heitmann, H. and Hellman, F. and Hello, P. and Hemming, G. and Hendry, M. and Heng, I. S. and Hennes, E. and Hennig, J. and Heurs, M. and Hild, S. and Hinderer, T. and Hoback, S. Y. and Hochheim, S. and Hofgard, E. and Hofman, D. and Holgado, A. M. and Holland, N. A. and Holt, K. and Holz, D. E. and Hopkins, P. and Horst, C. and Hough, J. and Howell, E. J. and Hoy, C. G. and Huang, Y. and Hübner, M. T. and Huerta, E. A. and Huet, D. and Hughey, B. and Hui, V. and Husa, S. and Huttner, S. H. and Huxford, R. and Huynh-Dinh, T. and Idzkowski, B. and Iess, A. and Inchauspe, H. and Ingram, C. and Intini, G. and Isac, J.-M. and Isi, M. and Iyer, B. R. and Jacqmin, T. and Jadhav, S. J. and Jadhav, S. P. and James, A. L. and Jani, K. and Janthalur, N. N. and Jaranowski, P. and Jariwala, D. and Jaume, R. and Jenkins, A. C. and Jiang, J. and Johns, G. R. and Jones, A. W. and Jones, D. I. and Jones, J. D. and Jones, P. and Jones, R. and Jonker, R. J. G. and Ju, L. and Junker, J. and Kalaghatgi, C. V. and Kalogera, V. and Kamai, B. and Kandhasamy, S. and Kang, G. and Kanner, J. B. and Kapadia, S. J. and Karki, S. and Kashyap, R. and Kasprzack, M. and Kastaun, W. and Katsanevas, S. and Katsavounidis, E. and Katzman, W. and Kaufer, S. and Kawabe, K. and Kéfélian, F. and Keitel, D. and Keivani, A. and Kennedy, R. and Key, J. S. and Khadka, S. and Khalili, F. Y. and Khan, I. and Khan, S. and Khan, Z. A. and Khazanov, E. A. and Khetan, N. and Khursheed, M. and Kijbunchoo, N. and Kim, Chunglee and Kim, G. J. and Kim, J. C. and Kim, K. and Kim, W. and Kim, W. S. and Kim, Y.-M. and Kimball, C. and King, P. J. and Kinley-Hanlon, M. and Kirchhoff, R. and Kissel, J. S. and Kleybolte, L. and Klimenko, S. and Knowles, T. D. and Koch, P. and Koehlenbeck, S. M. and Koekoek, G. and Koley, S. and Kondrashov, V. and Kontos, A. and Koper, N. and Korobko, M. and Korth, W. Z. and Kovalam, M. and Kozak, D. B. and Kringel, V. and Krishnendu, N. V. and Krolak, A. and Krupinski, N. and Kuehn, G. and Kumar, A. and Kumar, P. and Kumar, Rahul and Kumar, Rakesh and Kumar, S. and Kuo, L. and Kutynia, A. and Lackey, B. D. and Laghi, D. and Lalande, E. and Lam, T. L. and Lamberts, A. and Landry, M. and Lane, B. B. and Lang, R. N. and Lange, J. and Lantz, B. and Lanza, R. K. and La Rosa, I. and Lartaux-Vollard, A. and Lasky, P. D. and Laxen, M. and Lazzarini, A. and Lazzaro, C. and Leaci, P. and Leavey, S. and Lecoeuche, Y. K. and Lee, C. H. and Lee, H. M. and Lee, H. W. and Lee, J. and Lee, K. and Lehmann, J. and Leroy, N. and Letendre, N. and Levin, Y. and Li, A. K. Y. and Li, J. and li, K. and Li, T. G. F. and Li, X. and Linde, F. and Linker, S. D. and Linley, J. N. and Littenberg, T. B. and Liu, J. and Liu, X. and Llorens-Monteagudo, M. and Lo, R. K. L. and Lockwood, A. and London, L. T. and Longo, A. and Lorenzini, M. and Loriette, V. and Lormand, M. and Losurdo, G. and Lough, J. D. and Lousto, C. O. and Lovelace, G. and Lück, H. and Lumaca, D. and Lundgren, A. P. and Ma, Y. and Macas, R. and Macfoy, S. and MacInnis, M. and Macleod, D. M. and MacMillan, I. A. O. and Macquet, A. and Magaña Hernandez, I. and Magana-Sandoval, F. and Magee, R. M. and Majorana, E. and Maksimovic, I. and Malik, A. and Man, N. and Mandic, V. and Mangano, V. and Mansell, G. L. and Manske, M. and Mantovani, M. and Mapelli, M. and Marchesoni, F. and Marion, F. and Marka, S. and Marka, Z. and Markakis, C. and Markosyan, A. S. and Markowitz, A. and Maros, E. and Marquina, A. and Marsat, S. and Martelli, F. and Martin, I. W. and Martin, R. M. and Martinez, V. and Martynov, D. V. and Masalehdan, H. and Mason, K. and Massera, E. and Masserot, A. and Massinger, T. J. and Masso-Reid, M. and Mastrogiovanni, S. and Matas, A. and Matichard, F. and Mavalvala, N. and Maynard, E. and McCann, J. J. and McCarthy, R. and McClelland, D. E. and McCormick, S. and McCuller, L. and McGuire, S. C. and McIsaac, C. and McIver, J. and McManus, D. J. and McRae, T. and McWilliams, S. T. and Meacher, D. and Meadors, G. D. and Mehmet, M. and Mehta, A. K. and Mejuto Villa, E. and Melatos, A. and Mendell, G. and Mercer, R. A. and Mereni, L. and Merfeld, K. and Merilh, E. L. and Merritt, J. D. and Merzougui, M. and Meshkov, S. and Messenger, C. and Messick, C. and Metzdorff, R. and Meyers, P. M. and Meylahn, F. and Mhaske, A. and Miani, A. and Miao, H. and Michaloliakos, I. and Michel, C. and Middleton, H. and Milano, L. and Miller, A. L. and Millhouse, M. and Mills, J. C. and Milotti, E. and Milovich-Goff, M. C. and Minazzoli, O. and Minenkov, Y. and Mishkin, A. and Mishra, C. and Mistry, T. and Mitra, S. and Mitrofanov, V. P. and Mitselmakher, G. and Mittleman, R. and Mo, G. and Mogushi, K. and Mohapatra, S. R. P. and Mohite, S. R. and Molina-Ruiz, M. and Mondin, M. and Montani, M. and Moore, C. J. and Moraru, D. and Morawski, F. and Moreno, G. and Morisaki, S. and Mours, B. and Mow-Lowry, C. M. and Mozzon, S. and Muciaccia, F. and Mukherjee, Arunava and Mukherjee, D. and Mukherjee, S. and Mukherjee, Subroto and Mukund, N. and Mullavey, A. and Munch, J. and Muñiz, E. A. and Murray, P. G. and Nagar, A. and Nardecchia, I. and Naticchioni, L. and Nayak, R. K. and Neil, B. F. and Neilson, J. and Nelemans, G. and Nelson, T. J. N. and Nery, M. and Neunzert, A. and Ng, K. Y. and Ng, S. and Nguyen, C. and Nguyen, P. and Nichols, D. and Nicholson, S. A. and Nissanke, S. and Nocera, F. and Noh, M. and North, C. and Nothard, D. and Nuttall, L. K. and Oberling, J. and O'Brien, B. D. and Oganesyan, G. and Ogin, G. H. and Oh, J. J. and Oh, S. H. and Ohme, F. and Ohta, H. and Okada, M. A. and Oliver, M. and Olivetto, C. and Oppermann, P. and Oram, Richard J. and O'Reilly, B. and Ormiston, R. G. and Ortega, L. F. and O'Shaughnessy, R. and Ossokine, S. and Osthelder, C. and Ottaway, D. J. and Overmier, H. and Owen, B. J. and Pace, A. E. and Pagano, G. and Page, M. A. and Pagliaroli, G. and Pai, A. and Pai, S. A. and Palamos, J. R. and Palashov, O. and Palomba, C. and Pan, H. and Panda, P. K. and Pang, P. T. H. and Pankow, C. and Pannarale, F. and Pant, B. C. and Paoletti, F. and Paoli, A. and Parida, A. and Parker, W. and Pascucci, D. and Pasqualetti, A. and Passaquieti, R. and Passuello, D. and Patricelli, B. and Payne, E. and Pearlstone, B. L. and Pechsiri, T. C. and Pedersen, A. J. and Pedraza, M. and Pele, A. and Penn, S. and Perego, A. and Perez, C. J. and Perigois, C. and Perreca, A. and Perries, S. and Petermann, J. and Pfeiffer, H. P. and Phelps, M. and Phukon, K. S. and Piccinni, O. J. and Pichot, M. and Piendibene, M. and Piergiovanni, F. and Pierro, V. and Pillant, G. and Pinard, L. and Pinto, I. M. and Piotrzkowski, K. and Pirello, M. and Pitkin, M. and Plastino, W. and Poggiani, R. and Pong, D. Y. T. and Ponrathnam, S. and Popolizio, P. and Porter, E. K. and Powell, J. and Prajapati, A. K. and Prasai, K. and Prasanna, R. and Pratten, G. and Prestegard, T. and Principe, M. and Prodi, G. A. and Prokhorov, L. and Punturo, M. and Puppo, P. and Pürrer, M. and Qi, H. and Quetschke, V. and Quinonez, P. J. and Raab, F. J. and Raaijmakers, G. and Radkins, H. and Radulesco, N. and Raffai, P. and Rafferty, H. and Raja, S. and Rajan, C. and Rajbhandari, B. and Rakhmanov, M. and Ramirez, K. E. and Ramos-Buades, A. and Rana, Javed and Rao, K. and Rapagnani, P. and Raymond, V. and Razzano, M. and Read, J. and Regimbau, T. and Rei, L. and Reid, S. and Reitze, D. H. and Rettegno, P. and Ricci, F. and Richardson, C. J. and Richardson, J. W. and Ricker, P. M. and Riemenschneider, G. and Riles, K. and Rizzo, M. and Robertson, N. A. and Robinet, F. and Rocchi, A. and Rodriguez-Soto, R. D. and Rolland, L. and Rollins, J. G. and Roma, V. J. and Romanelli, M. and Romano, R. and Romel, C. L. and Romero-Shaw, I. M. and Romie, J. H. and Rose, C. A. and Rose, D. and Rose, K. and Rosinska, D. and Rosofsky, S. G. and Ross, M. P. and Rowan, S. and Rowlinson, S. J. and Roy, P. K. and Roy, Santosh and Roy, Soumen and Ruggi, P. and Rutins, G. and Ryan, K. and Sachdev, S. and Sadecki, T. and Sakellariadou, M. and Salafia, O. S. and Salconi, L. and Saleem, M. and Samajdar, A. and Sanchez, E. J. and Sanchez, L. E. and Sanchis-Gual, N. and Sanders, J. R. and Santiago, K. A. and Santos, E. and Sarin, N. and Sassolas, B. and Sathyaprakash, B. S. and Sauter, O. and Savage, R. L. and Savant, V. and Sawant, D. and Sayah, S. and Schaetzl, D. and Schale, P. and Scheel, M. and Scheuer, J. and Schmidt, P. and Schnabel, R. and Schofield, R. M. S. and Schonbeck, A. and Schreiber, E. and Schulte, B. W. and Schutz, B. F. and Schwarm, O. and Schwartz, E. and Scott, J. and Scott, S. M. and Seidel, E. and Sellers, D. and Sengupta, A. S. and Sennett, N. and Sentenac, D. and Sequino, V. and Sergeev, A. and Setyawati, Y. and Shaddock, D. 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(2020) A Joint Fermi-GBM and LIGO/Virgo Analysis of Compact Binary Mergers From the First and Second Gravitational-wave Observing Runs. Astrophysical Journal, 893 (2). Art. No. 100. ISSN 0004-637X. doi:10.3847/1538-4357/ab7d3e<.

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We present results from offline searches of Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) data for gamma-ray transients coincident with the compact binary coalescences observed by the gravitational-wave (GW) detectors Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo during their first and second observing runs. In particular, we perform follow-up for both confirmed events and low significance candidates reported in the LIGO/Virgo catalog GWTC-1. We search for temporal coincidences between these GW signals and GBM-triggered gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). We also use the GBM Untargeted and Targeted subthreshold searches to find coincident gamma-rays below the onboard triggering threshold. This work implements a refined statistical approach by incorporating GW astrophysical source probabilities and GBM visibilities of LIGO/Virgo sky localizations to search for cumulative signatures of coincident subthreshold gamma-rays. All search methods recover the short gamma-ray burst GRB 170817A occurring ~1.7 s after the binary neutron-star merger GW170817. We also present results from a new search seeking GBM counterparts to LIGO single-interferometer triggers. This search finds a candidate joint event, but given the nature of the GBM signal and localization, as well as the high joint false alarm rate of 1.1 × 10⁻⁶ Hz, we do not consider it an astrophysical association. We find no additional coincidences.

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Additional Information:© 2020 The American Astronomical Society. Received 2020 January 14; revised 2020 February 14; accepted 2020 February 24; published 2020 April 20. The UAH coauthors gratefully acknowledge NASA funding from cooperative agreement NNM11AA01A. The USRA coauthors gratefully acknowledge NASA funding through contract NNM13AA43C. Through appointments to the NASA Postdoctoral Program, E.B. is supported at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and C.M. and J.W. are supported at the Marshall Space Flight Center. C.A.W.H. gratefully acknowledges NASA funding through the Fermi GBM project. The LIGO and Virgo coauthors gratefully acknowledge the support of the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) for the construction and operation of the LIGO Laboratory and Advanced LIGO as well as the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) of the United Kingdom, the Max-Planck-Society (MPS), and the State of Niedersachsen/Germany for support of the construction of Advanced LIGO and construction and operation of the GEO600 detector. Additional support for Advanced LIGO was provided by the Australian Research Council. The authors gratefully acknowledge the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, for the construction and operation of the Virgo detector and the creation and support of the EGO consortium. The authors also gratefully acknowledge research support from these agencies as well as by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India, the Department of Science and Technology, India, the Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), India, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, India, the Spanish Agencia Estatal de Investigación, the Vicepresidència i Conselleria d'Innovació Recerca i Turisme and the Conselleria d'Educació i Universitat del Govern de les Illes Balears, the Conselleria d'Educació Investigació Cultura i Esport de la Generalitat Valenciana, the National Science Centre of Poland, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Science Foundation, the European Commission, the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), the Royal Society, the Scottish Funding Council, the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA), the Lyon Institute of Origins (LIO), the Paris Île-de-France Region, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office Hungary (NKFIH), the National Research Foundation of Korea, Industry Canada and the Province of Ontario through the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Canada, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations, and Communications, the International Center for Theoretical Physics South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ICTP-SAIFR), the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Leverhulme Trust, the Research Corporation, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan and the Kavli Foundation. The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the NSF, STFC, INFN and CNRS for provision of computational resources. This research also made use of Astropy, a community-developed core Python package for Astronomy (Astropy Collaboration et al. 2013); NumPy (Van Der Walt et al. 2011); SciPy (Jones et al. 2001); and matplotlib, a Python library for publication quality graphics (Hunter 2007).
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National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaUNSPECIFIED
Leverhulme TrustUNSPECIFIED
Research CorporationUNSPECIFIED
Ministry of Science and Technology (Taipei)UNSPECIFIED
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Subject Keywords:Gamma-ray bursts ; Gravitational waves
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