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Molecular understanding of new-particle formation from α-pinene between −50 and +25 °C

Simon, Mario and Dada, Lubna and Heinritzi, Martin and Scholz, Wiebke and Stolzenburg, Dominik and Fischer, Lukas and Wagner, Andrea C. and Kürten, Andreas and Rörup, Birte and He, Xu-Cheng and Almeida, João and Baalbaki, Rima and Baccarini, Andrea and Bauer, Paulus S. and Beck, Lisa and Bergen, Anton and Bianchi, Federico and Bräkling, Steffen and Brilke, Sophia and Caudillo, Lucia and Chen, Dexian and Chu, Biwu and Dias, António and Draper, Danielle C. and Duplissy, Jonathan and El-Haddad, Imad and Finkenzeller, Henning and Frege, Carla and Gonzalez-Carracedo, Loic and Gordon, Hamish and Granzin, Manuel and Hakala, Jani and Hofbauer, Victoria and Hoyle, Christopher R. and Kim, Changhyuk and Kong, Weimeng and Lamkaddam, Houssni and Lee, Chuan P. and Lehtipalo, Katrianne and Leiminger, Markus and Mai, Huajun and Manninen, Hanna E. and Marie, Guillaume and Marten, Ruby and Mentler, Bernhard and Molteni, Ugo and Nichman, Leonid and Nie, Wei and Ojdanic, Andrea and Onnela, Antti and Partoll, Eva and Petäjä, Tuukka and Pfeifer, Joschka and Philippov, Maxim and Quéléver, Lauriane L. J. and Ranjithkumar, Ananth and Rissanen, Matti P. and Schallhart, Simon and Schobesberger, Siegfried and Schuchmann, Simone and Shen, Jiali and Sipilä, Mikko and Steiner, Gerhard and Stozhkov, Yuri and Tauber, Christian and Tham, Yee J. and Tomé, António R. and Vazquez-Pufleau, Miguel and Vogel, Alexander L. and Wagner, Robert and Wang, Mingyi and Wang, Dongyu S. and Wang, Yonghong and Weber, Stefan K. and Wu, Yusheng and Xiao, Mao and Yan, Chao and Ye, Penglin and Ye, Qing and Zauner-Wieczorek, Marcel and Zhou, Xueqin and Baltensperger, Urs and Dommen, Josef and Flagan, Richard C. and Hansel, Armin and Kulmala, Markku and Volkamer, Rainer and Winkler, Paul M. and Worsnop, Douglas R. and Donahue, Neil M. and Kirkby, Jasper and Curtius, Joachim (2020) Molecular understanding of new-particle formation from α-pinene between −50 and +25 °C. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20 (15). pp. 9183-9207. ISSN 1680-7324.

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Highly oxygenated organic molecules (HOMs) contribute substantially to the formation and growth of atmospheric aerosol particles, which affect air quality, human health and Earth's climate. HOMs are formed by rapid, gas-phase autoxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as α-pinene, the most abundant monoterpene in the atmosphere. Due to their abundance and low volatility, HOMs can play an important role in new-particle formation (NPF) and the early growth of atmospheric aerosols, even without any further assistance of other low-volatility compounds such as sulfuric acid. Both the autoxidation reaction forming HOMs and their NPF rates are expected to be strongly dependent on temperature. However, experimental data on both effects are limited. Dedicated experiments were performed at the CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets) chamber at CERN to address this question. In this study, we show that a decrease in temperature (from +25 to −50 ∘C) results in a reduced HOM yield and reduced oxidation state of the products, whereas the NPF rates (J_(1.7 nm)) increase substantially. Measurements with two different chemical ionization mass spectrometers (using nitrate and protonated water as reagent ion, respectively) provide the molecular composition of the gaseous oxidation products, and a two-dimensional volatility basis set (2D VBS) model provides their volatility distribution. The HOM yield decreases with temperature from 6.2 % at 25 ∘C to 0.7 % at −50 ∘C. However, there is a strong reduction of the saturation vapor pressure of each oxidation state as the temperature is reduced. Overall, the reduction in volatility with temperature leads to an increase in the nucleation rates by up to 3 orders of magnitude at −50 ∘C compared with 25 ∘C. In addition, the enhancement of the nucleation rates by ions decreases with decreasing temperature, since the neutral molecular clusters have increased stability against evaporation. The resulting data quantify how the interplay between the temperature-dependent oxidation pathways and the associated vapor pressures affect biogenic NPF at the molecular level. Our measurements, therefore, improve our understanding of pure biogenic NPF for a wide range of tropospheric temperatures and precursor concentrations.

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Additional Information:© Author(s) 2020. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Published by Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union. Received: 15 Nov 2019 – Discussion started: 21 Jan 2020 – Revised: 27 May 2020 – Accepted: 19 Jun 2020 – Published: 03 Aug 2020. We thank Patrick Carrie, Louis-Philippe De Menezes, Jonathan Dumollard, Katja Ivanova, Francisco Josa, Timo Keber, Ilia Krasin, Robert Kristic, Abdelmajid Laassiri, Osman Maksumov, Frank Malkemper, Benjamin Marichy, Herve Martinati, Sergey Vitaljevich Mizin, Robert Sitals, Albin Wasem, and Mats Wilhelmsson for their contributions to the experiment. This research has received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, CLOUD-12 (01LK1222A) and CLOUD-16 (01LK1601A); the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme and European Union Horizon 2020 program (Marie Skłodowska Curie ITNs no. 316662 “CLOUD-TRAIN”, no. 764991 “CLOUD-MOTION”, MSCA-IF no. 656994 “nano-CAVa”, and MC-COFUND grant no. 600377); the European Research Council (ERC; project nos. 692891 “DAMOCLES”, 638703 “COALA”, 616075 “NANODYNAMITE”, 335478 “QAPPA”, 742206 “ATM-GP”, 714621 “GASPARCON”); the Swiss National Science Foundation (project nos. 20020_152907, 200020_172602, 20FI20_159851, 20FI20_172622); the Academy of Finland (Centre of Excellence no. 307331, projects 299574, 296628, 306853, 304013, 310682); the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation; the Väisälä Foundation; the Nessling Foundation; the Austrian Science Fund (FWF; project no. J3951-N36, project no. P27295-N20); the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG, project no. 846050); the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (project no. CERN/FIS-COM/0014/2017); the Swedish Research Council Formas (project number 2015-749); Vetenskapsrådet (grant 2011-5120); the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grants 08-02-91006-CERN, 12-02-91522-CERN); the US National Science Foundation (grant nos. AGS1136479, AGS1447056, AGS1439551, CHE1012293, AGS1649147, AGS1602086, AGS1801280, AGS1801329, AGS1801574 and AGS1801897); the Wallace Research Foundation; the US Department of Energy (grant DE-SC0014469); the NERC GASSP project NE/J024252/1m; the Royal Society (Wolfson Merit Award); the UK Natural Environment Research Council (grant no. NE/K015966/1); Dreyfus Award EP-11-117; the French National Research Agency through the PIA (Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir), the Regional Council Nord-Pas de Calais, and the European Funds for Regional Economic Development Labex-Cappa (grant no. ANR-11-LABX-0005-01). Data availability: Data related to this article are available upon request to the corresponding authors. The supplement related to this article is available online at: Author contributions: MSim, LD, MH, WS, DS, LF, ACW, BR, AK, XH, JA, RB, ABa, ABe, FB, SBrä, LC, DC, BC, AD, JDu, IE, HF, CF, LG, HG, MG, JH, VH, CK, WK, HL, CPL, KL, ML, HM, HEM, GM, BM, UM, AOn, EP, TP, JP, MP, LLJQ, MPR, SScho, SSchu, JS, MSip, GS, YS, YJT, ART, MV, AV, RW, MW, DSW, YW, SKW, YW, CY, PY, QY, MZ, XZ, RCF, RV, PMW and JK contributed to the development of the CLOUD facility and analysis instruments. MSim, LD, MH, WS, DS, LF, ACW, BR, XH, JA, RB, ABa, PSB, LB, ABe, FB, SBrä, SBri, LC, AD, DCD, JDu, IE, HF, LG, HG, MG, JH, VH, CRH, CK, WK, HL, CPL, KL, ML, HEM, GM, RM, BM, UM, LN, WN, AOj, EP, JP, LLJQ, AR, MPR, SScha, SSchu, JS, GS, YS, CT, YJT, ART, MV, AV, RW, DSW, YW, SKW, YW, MX, CY, PY, MZ, PMW and JK collected the data. MSim, LD, MH, WS, LF, ACW, BR, LG, CK, GM, BM, SKW, PY and RV performed modeling and analyzed the data. MSim, LD, MH, WS, DS, LF, ACW, BR, AK, HG, BM, UM, TP, MPR, PY, UB, JDo, RCF, AH, MK, DRW, NMD, JK and JC were involved in the scientific discussion and interpretation of the results. MSim, LD, MH, WS, AK, AV, UB, JDo, RCF, NMD, JK and JC contributed to the writing and editing of the manuscript. The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. Special issue statement: This article is part of the special issue “The CERN CLOUD experiment (ACP/AMT inter-journal SI)”. It is not associated with a conference. Review statement: This paper was edited by Manish Shrivastava and reviewed by two anonymous referees.
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