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A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex

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William and Yanny, Anna Marie and Yao, Zizhen and Yin, Lulu and Yu, Yang and Yuan, Jing and Zeng, Hongkui and Zhang, Kun and Zhang, Meng and Zhang, Zhuzhu and Zhao, Sujun and Zhao, Xuan and Zhou, Jingtian and Zhuang, Xiaowei and Zingg, Brian (2020) A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex. . (Unpublished)

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We report the generation of a multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex (MOp or M1) as the initial product of the BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN). This was achieved by coordinated large-scale analyses of single-cell transcriptomes, chromatin accessibility, DNA methylomes, spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomes, morphological and electrophysiological properties, and cellular resolution input-output mapping, integrated through cross-modal computational analysis. Together, our results advance the collective knowledge and understanding of brain cell type organization: First, our study reveals a unified molecular genetic landscape of cortical cell types that congruently integrates their transcriptome, open chromatin and DNA methylation maps. Second, cross-species analysis achieves a unified taxonomy of transcriptomic types and their hierarchical organization that are conserved from mouse to marmoset and human. Third, cross-modal analysis provides compelling evidence for the epigenomic, transcriptomic, and gene regulatory basis of neuronal phenotypes such as their physiological and anatomical properties, demonstrating the biological validity and genomic underpinning of neuron types and subtypes. Fourth, in situ single-cell transcriptomics provides a spatially-resolved cell type atlas of the motor cortex. Fifth, integrated transcriptomic, epigenomic and anatomical analyses reveal the correspondence between neural circuits and transcriptomic cell types. We further present an extensive genetic toolset for targeting and fate mapping glutamatergic projection neuron types toward linking their developmental trajectory to their circuit function. Together, our results establish a unified and mechanistic framework of neuronal cell type organization that integrates multi-layered molecular genetic and spatial information with multi-faceted phenotypic properties.

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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through a Heisenberg Professorship (BE5601/4-1), the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning --- New Perspectives for Science” (EXC 2064, project number 390727645) and the Collaborative Research Center 1233 “Robust Vision”’ (project number 276693517), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FKZ 01GQ1601 and 01IS18039A) to P.B. This work was supported in part by the Flow Cytometry Core Facility of the Salk Institute with funding from NIH-NCI CCSG: P30 014195 and Shared Instrumentation Grant S10-OD023689. NIH/NIMH R01MH094360 to H.W.D. We thank Marlene Becerra, Tyler Boesen, Chunru Cao, Marina Fayzullina, Kaelan Cotter, Lei Gao, Luis Gacia, Laura Korobkova, Darrick Lo, Christine Mun, Seita Yamashita, Muye Zhu for their technical and informatics support. Howard Hughes Medical Institute for J.E. This work was supported in part by the NNSFC grant 61890953 to H.G. Hearing Health Foundation Hearing Restoration Project grant to R.H. NIH grant OD010425 to G.D.H. This work is supported in part by NIH BRAIN Initiative award RF1MH114126 from the National Institute of Mental Health to E.S.L., J.T.T., and B.P.L. This work was supported in part by the NNSFC grant 81827901 to Q.L. This project was supported in part by NIH grants P51OD010425 from the Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) and UL1TR000423 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official view of NIH, ORIP, NCATS, the Institute of Translational Health Sciences at the Washington National Primate Research Center. NSFC grant 61871411 and the University Synergy Innovation Program of Anhui Province GXXT-2019-008 to L.Q. Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Klarman Cell Observatory for A.R. Howard Hughes Medical Institute for X.Z. V.D.B. is a postdoctoral fellow from the Belgian American Educational Foundation, and is supported by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), grant number 1246220N. NSFC Grant No. 32071367 and NSF Shanghai Grant No. 20ZR1420100 to Y.W. NIH grants R01EY023173 and U01MH105982 to H.Z. Researchers from Allen Institute for Brain Science wish to thank the Allen Institute founder, Paul G. Allen, for his vision, encouragement, and support. Author contributions: See the consortium author list for full details of author contributions. BICCN Contributing PIs: G.A.A., M.M.B., E.M.C., J.C., H.D., J.R.E., G.F., J.C.G., S.S.G., Y.O.H., M.H., R.H., Z.J.H., E.S.L., B.L., M.E.M., L.N., J.N., P.O., L.P., A.J.R., T.L.T., A.S.T., O.W., X.W.Y., H.Z., K.Z., X.Z. Principal manuscript editors: Z.J.H., E.S.L., H.Z. Manuscript writing and figure generation: G.A.A., T.E.B., P.B., E.M.C., T.L.D., H.D., J.R.E., J.A.H., M.H., Z.J.H., N.L.J., B.E.K., D.K., E.S.L., Y.E.L., H.L., K.S.M., E.A.M., M.N., J.N., P.O., B.R., F.S., P.T., J.T.T., A.S.T., F.X., H.Z., M.Z., Z.Z., J.Z., X.Z., B.Z. Analysis coordination: T.E.B., E.M.C., H.D., J.R.E., J.A.H., M.H., Z.J.H., E.S.L., E.A.M., J.N., P.O., B.R., A.S.T., H.Z., X.Z. Integrated data analysis: E.A., T.E.B., P.B., H.D., J.R.E., J.A.H., Z.J.H., N.L.J., B.E.K., D.K., E.S.L., Y.E.L., H.L., E.A.M., P.O., B.R., F.S., P.T., A.S.T., F.X., Z.Y., H.Z., M.Z., Z.Z., J.Z., X.Z. Sc/snRNA-seq data generation and processing: D.B., T.C., J.C., K.C., N.D., D.D., S.D., W.D., E.L.D., G.F., O.F., M.G., J.G., R.D.H., L.H., C.D.K., F.M.K., M.K., B.B.L., K.L., E.S.L., S.L., C.S.L., E.Z.M., S.A.M., D.M., N.M.N., T.N.N., C.R.P., T.P., N.P., N.M.R., A.R., C.R., W.J.R., S.S., K.S., K.S., J.S., B.T., M.T., A.T., H.T., C.T.V.V., C.R.V., A.M.Y., H.Z., K.Z. ATAC-seq data generation and processing: M.M.B., J.C., D.D., W.D., R.F., X.H., B.B.L., Y.E.L., C.S.L., J.D.L., J.K.O., C.R.P., A.P., N.P., O.P., S.P., B.R., W.J.R., X.W., K.Z. Methylcytosine data production and analysis: A.I.A., A.B., M.M.B., L.B., C.O., R.G.C., H.C., J.R.E., C.F., H.L., J.D.L., C.L., J.R.N., M.N., J.K.O., A.P., A.C.R., W.T., J.Z. Epi-Retro-Seq data generation and processing: A.B., M.M.B., L.B., E.M.C., C.O., R.G.C., B.D., J.R.E., C.F., T.I., M.J., X.J., C.L., K.L., P.A.M., E.A.M., J.R.N., M.N., Y.P., A.P., M.R., A.C.R., J.B.S., P.T., M.V., E.W., Z.Z., J.Z. Omics data analysis: E.A., T.E.B., T.B., A.S.B., M.C., D.D., S.D., J.R.E., R.F., S.F., O.F., J.G., J.G., Q.H., N.L.J., P.V.K., F.M.K., B.B.L., E.S.L., Y.E.L., S.L., H.L., E.Z.M., E.A.M., J.N., S.N., V.N., L.P., O.P., E.P., A.R., D.R., H.R.D.B., K.S., K.S., S.S., K.S., V.S., B.T., W.T., E.D.V., K.V.D.B., C.T.V.V., J.D.W., F.X., Z.Y., H.Z., J.Z. Tracing and connectivity data generation: X.A., H.S.B., I.B., R.K.C., H.D., N.N.F., W.G., H.G., L.G., J.A.H., J.T.H., H.H., K.E.H., Z.J.H., G.K., D.J.K., A.L., X.L., B.L., Q.L., K.S.M., L.N., J.N., R.M., D.A.S., H.Z., B.Z. Morphology data generation and reconstruction: T.L.D., H.D., Z.F., H.G., J.A.H., K.E.H., Z.J.H., X.J., S.J., T.J., X.K., R.L., P.L., X.L., Y.L., Y.L., L.L., Q.L., H.P., L.Q., M.R., Z.R., E.S., Y.S., W.W., P.W., Y.W., Y.W., L.Y., J.Y., H.Z., S.Z., X.Z. OLST/STPT and other data generation: X.A., W.G., J.T.H., Z.J.H., G.K., K.S.M., A.N., P.O., R.P., R.M. Morphology, connectivity and imaging analysis: X.A., G.A.A., S.B., L.D., H.D., Z.F., N.N.F., W.G., H.G., J.A.H., J.T.H., Z.J.H., B.H., X.J., G.K., H.K., S.L., A.L., X.L., K.S.M., P.P.M., J.M., M.N., A.N., L.N., P.O., R.P., H.P., R.M., Q.W., Y.W., Y.W., P.X., F.X., Y.Y., H.Z. Spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomics (MERFISH): H.D., S.W.E., Z.Y., H.Z., M.Z., X.Z., B.Z. Multimodal profiling (PATCH-seq): P.B., J.B., M.B., Y.B., C.R.C., J.R.C., R.D., L.H., G.D.H., X.J., B.E.K., C.D.K., A.L.K., D.K., S.L., E.S.L., E.M., S.M., P.R.N., S.F.O., R.S., F.S., K.S., S.A.S., Z.H.T., J.T.T., A.S.T., H.Z. Transgenic tools: S.A., X.A., H.S.B., R.K.C., T.L.D., W.G., J.T.H., D.H., Z.J.H., G.K., D.J.K., A.Y.L., K.S.M., J.N., D.A.S., B.T., M.B.V., X.W.Y., Z.Y., H.Z. NeMO archive and analytics: R.S.A., S.A.A., H.C.B., R.C., A.C., C.C., J.C., H.C., V.F., M.G., B.R.H., R.H., J.K., A.M., C.M., L.N., D.O., J.O., M.S., O.W. Brain Image Library (BIL) archive: G.H., A.J.R. DANDI archive: B.D., S.S.G., M.G., Y.O.H., B.H. Brain Cell Data Center (BCDC): A.B., N.B., B.C., F.D.D., K.D., J.C.G., T.H.G., M.H., F.K., K.K., M.E.M., L.N., C.T., T.L.T. Project management: P.B., F.D.D., H.G., H.H., K.K., D.K., B.B.L., K.S.M., S.M., M.N., F.S., S.S., C.T. Competing interests: A.B. is a cofounder of SciCrunch, a company devoted to improving scientific communication. J.R.E. is a member of Zymo Research SAB. J.A.H. is currently employed by Cajal Neuroscience. K.E.H. is currently employed by Cajal Neuroscience. P.V.K. serves on the Scientific Advisory Board to Celsius Therapeutics Inc. M.E.M. is a founder and CSO of SciCrunch Inc., a UCSD tech start up that produces tools in support of reproducibility including RRIDs. P.R.N. is currently employed by Cajal Neuroscience. A.R. is a founder and equity holder of Celsius Therapeutics, an equity holder in Immunitas Therapeutics and until August 31, 2020 was an SAB member of Syros Pharmaceuticals, Neogene Therapeutics, Asimov and ThermoFisher Scientific. From August 1, 2020, A.R. is an employee of Genentech. B.R. is shareholder of Arima Genomics, Inc. and Epigenome Technologies, Inc. K.Z is a co-founder, equity holder and serves on the Scientific Advisor Board of Singlera Genomics. X.Z. is a co-founder and consultant of Vizgen.
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Chan Zuckerberg InitiativeUNSPECIFIED
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)BE5601/4-1
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)EXC 2064
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)390727645
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)1233
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)276693517
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)FKZ 01GQ1601
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)01IS18039A
NIHP30 014195
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)UNSPECIFIED
National Natural Science Foundation of China61890953
Hearing Health Foundation Hearing Restoration ProjectUNSPECIFIED
National Natural Science Foundation of China81827901
National Natural Science Foundation of China61871411
University Synergy Innovation Program of Anhui ProvinceGXXT-2019-008
Klarman Cell ObservatoryUNSPECIFIED
Belgian American Educational FoundationUNSPECIFIED
Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO)1246220N
National Natural Science Foundation of China32071367
National Natural Science Foundation of China20ZR1420100
Allen Institute for Brain ScienceUNSPECIFIED
Paul G. Allen Family FoundationUNSPECIFIED
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Official Citation:A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN), Ricky S. Adkins, et. al., bioRxiv 2020.10.19.343129; doi:
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