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Environmental noise in advanced LIGO detectors

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The sensitivity of the advanced LIGO detectors to gravitational waves can be affected by environmental disturbances external to the detectors themselves. Since the transition from the former initial LIGO phase, many improvements have been made to the equipment and techniques used to investigate these environmental effects. These methods have aided in tracking down and mitigating noise sources throughout the first three observing runs of the advanced detector era, keeping the ambient contribution of environmental noise below the background noise levels of the detectors. In this paper we describe the methods used and how they have led to the mitigation of noise sources, the role that environmental monitoring has played in the validation of gravitational wave events, and plans for future observing runs.

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Additional Information:© 2021 IOP Publishing Ltd. Received 5 February 2021; Revised 3 May 2021; Accepted 13 May 2021; Published 15 June 2021. LIGO was constructed by the California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with funding from the National Science Foundation and operates under Cooperative Agreement No. PHY-1764464. Advanced LIGO was built under Grant No. PHY-0823459. The authors acknowledge support from NSF Grants PHY-1607336, PHY-1912604, PHY-1806656, and PHY-1806656. For this paper, we use the data from the Advanced LIGO detectors and we used the LIGO computing clusters to perform the analysis and calculations. Data availability statement: The data that support the findings of this study are openly available at the following URL/DOI:
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