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Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Cosmology with moments of weak lensing mass maps

Gatti, M. and Jain, B. and Chang, C. and Raveri, M. and Zürcher, D. and Secco, L. and Whiteway, L. and Jeffrey, N. and Doux, C. and Kacprzak, T. and Bacon, D. and Fosalba, P. and Alarcon, A. and Amon, A. and Bechtol, K. and Becker, M. and Bernstein, G. and Blazek, J. and Campos, A. and Choi, A. and Davis, C. and DeRose, J. and Dodelson, S. and Elsner, F. and Elvin-Poole, J. and Everett, S. and Ferté, A. and Gruen, D. and Harrison, I. and Huterer, D. and Jarvis, M. and Krause, E. and Leget, P. F. and Lemos, P. and Maccrann, N. and Mccullough, J. and Muir, J. and Myles, J. and Navarro, A. and Pandey, S. and Prat, J. and Rollins, R. P. and Roodman, A. and Sanchez, C. and Sheldon, E. and Shin, T. and Troxel, M. and Tutusaus, I. and Yin, B. and Aguena, M. and Allam, S. and Andrade-Oliveira, F. and Annis, J. and Bertin, E. and Brooks, D. and Burke, D. L. and Carnero Rosell, A. and Carrasco Kind, M. and Carretero, J. and Cawthon, R. and Costanzi, M. and da Costa, L. N. and Pereira, M. E. S. and De Vicente, J. and Desai, S. and Diehl, H. T. and Dietrich, J. P. and Doel, P. and Drlica-Wagner, A. and Eckert, K. and Evrard, A. E. and Ferrero, I. and García-Bellido, J. and Gaztanaga, E. and Giannantonio, T. and Gruendl, R. A. and Gschwend, J. and Gutierrez, G. and Hinton, S. R. and Hollowood, D. L. and Honscheid, K. and James, D. J. and Kuehn, K. and Kuropatkin, N. and Lahav, O. and Lidman, C. and Maia, M. A. G. and Marshall, J. L. and Melchior, P. and Menanteau, F. and Miquel, R. and Morgan, R. and Palmese, A. and Paz-Chinchón, F. and Pieres, A. and Plazas Malagón, A. A. and Reil, K. and Rodriguez-Monroyv, M. and Romer, A. K. and Sanchez, E. and Schubnell, M. and Serrano, S. and Sevilla-Noarbe, I. and Smith, M. and Soares-Santos, M. and Suchyta, E. and Tarle, G. and Thomas, D. and To, C. and Varga, T. N. (2022) Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Cosmology with moments of weak lensing mass maps. Physical Review D, 106 (8). Art. No. 083509. ISSN 2470-0010. doi:10.1103/physrevd.106.083509.

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We present a cosmological analysis using the second and third moments of the weak lensing mass (convergence) maps from the first three years of data (Y3) data of the Dark Energy Survey. The survey spans an effective area of 4139 square degrees and uses the images of over 100 million galaxies to reconstruct the convergence field. The second moment of the convergence as a function of smoothing scale contains information similar to standard shear 2-point statistics. The third moment, or the skewness, contains additional non-Gaussian information. The data is analyzed in the context of the Λ CDM model, varying five cosmological parameters and 19 nuisance parameters modeling astrophysical and measurement systematics. Our modeling of the observables is completely analytical, and has been tested with simulations in our previous methodology study. We obtain a 1.7% measurement of the amplitude of fluctuations parameter S₈ ≡ σ₈ (Ωₘ/0.3)⁰·⁵ = 0.784 ± 0.013. The measurements are shown to be internally consistent across redshift bins, angular scales, and between second and third moments. In particular, the measured third moment is consistent with the expectation of gravitational clustering under the Λ CDM model. The addition of the third moment improves the constraints on S₈ and Ωₘ by ∼15% and ∼25% compared to an analysis that only uses second moments. We compare our results with Planck constraints from the cosmic microwave background, finding a 2.2–2.8σ tension in the full parameter space, depending on the combination of moments considered. The third moment, independently, is in 2.8σ tension with Planck, and thus provides a cross-check on the analyses of 2-point correlations.

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