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The integration and engineering of the ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker Barrel

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The ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) was built in three sections: a barrel and two end-caps. This paper describes the design, construction and final integration of the barrel section. The barrel is constructed around four nested cylinders that provide a stable and accurate support structure for the 2112 silicon modules and their associated services. The emphasis of this paper is directed at the aspects of engineering design that turned a concept into a fully-functioning detector, as well as the integration and testing of large sub-sections of the final SCT barrel detector. The paper follows the chronology of the construction. The main steps of the assembly are described with the results of intermediate tests. The barrel service components were developed and fabricated in parallel so that a flow of detector modules, cooling loops, opto-harnesses and Frequency-Scanning-Interferometry (FSI) alignment structures could be assembled onto the four cylinders. Once finished, each cylinder was conveyed to the next site for the mounting of modules to form a complete single barrel. Extensive electrical and thermal function tests were carried out on the completed single barrels. In the next stage, the four single barrels and thermal enclosures were combined into the complete SCT barrel detector so that it could be integrated with the Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) barrel to form the central part of the ATLAS inner detector. Finally, the completed SCT barrel was tested together with the TRT barrel in noise tests and using cosmic rays.

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Additional Information:© 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA. This is an Open Access article. Received 11 April 2008, accepted for publication 7 October 2008. Published 30 October 2008. We are greatly indebted to all the technical staff who worked on the barrel engineering and integration project from the ATLAS SCT Institutes. We acknowledge the support of the funding authorities of the collaborating institutes including the Spanish National Programme for Particle Physics; the Research Council of Norway; the Science and Technology Facilities Council of the United Kingdom; the Polish Ministry of Higher Education and Science; the German Ministry of Science; the Swiss National Science Foundation; the State Secretariat for Education and Research and the Canton of Geneva; the Slovenian Research Agency and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia; the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan; the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; the Office of High Energy Physics of the United States Department of Energy; the United States National Science Foundation; the Australian Research Council (ARC) and Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST); the Dutch Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM); the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, and Committee for Collaboration of the Czech Republic with CERN; the National Science Council, Taiwan; the Swedish Research Council.
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Subject Keywords:Particle tracking detectors; Solid state detectors; Detector design and construction technologies and materials; Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics
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Official Citation:The integration and engineering of the ATLAS SemiConductor Tracker Barrel A Abdesselam, P P Allport, C Anastopoulos, B Anderson, L Andricek, F Anghinolfi, R Apsimon, T Atkinson, D J Attree, N Austin, A Bangert, G Barbier, P Barclay, A J Barr, L E Batchelor, R L Bates, J R Batley, G A Beck, P J Bell, W H Bell, A Belymam, J Benes, P Benes, J Bernabeu, S Bethke, J P Bizzell, J Blocki, J Bohm, C N Booth, E V Bouhova-Thacker, O Brandt, T J Brodbeck, Z Broklova, J Broz, P A Bruckman de Renstrom, S Burdin, C M Buttar, J M Butterworth, E Capocci, C Carpentieri, A A Carter, J R Carter, A Catinaccio, J R Catmore, M Chamizo llatas, D G Charlton, A Cheplakov, A Chilingarov, S Chouridou, D Chren, M L Chu, V Cindro, A Ciocio, J V Civera, A Clark, A P Colijn, M J Costa, D Costanzo, J Cox, C Dabinett, W Dabrowski, J Dalmau, K M Danielsen, S D'Auria, I Dawson, P de Jong, M D Dehchar, B Demirköz, P Dervan, S Diez Cornell, S D Dixon, E Dobson, Z Dolezal, M Donega, M D'Onofrio, O Dorholt, M Doubrava, J D Dowell, Z Drasal, I P Duerdoth, R Duxfield, M Dwuznik, S Eckert, L M Eklund, R Ely, C Escobar, V Fadeyev, D Fasching, F Fawzi, L Feld, D Ferguson, P Ferrari, D Ferrere, J Fopma, P Ford, R Fortin, J M Foster, H Fox, T J Fraser, J Freestone, R S French, J Fuster, S Gadomski, B J Gallop, M Galuska, F C Gannaway, C Garcia, J E Garcia Navarro, N Ghodbane, M D Gibson, S M Gibson, T Göttfert, S Gonzalez, S Gonzalez-Sevilla, M J Goodrick, G Gorfine, A Gorišek, E Gornicki, A Greenall, D Greenfield, A A Grillo, J Grosse-Knetter, C Haber, R Härtel, K Hanagaki, T Hansl-Kozanecka, K Hara, M Harris, F G Hartjes, D Hauff, B M Hawes, T Hayler, S J Haywood, F E W Heinemann, R C W Henderson, N P Hessey, A Hicheur, J C Hill, M C Hodgkinson, P Hodgson, T I Hollins, A Holmes, R Holt, T Holy, T Horazdovsky, S Hou, D F Howell, G Hughes, T Huse, M Ibbotson, Y Ikegami, C Issever, K Jakobs, J Jakubek, R C Jared, P Jarron, L G Johansen, P Johansson, A Jones, M Jones, R W L Jones, T J Jones, T W Jones, D Joos, J Joseph, P Jovanovic, J Jusko, O Jusko, J Kaplon, M Karagöz Ünel, V Kartvelishvili, N Kerschen, C Ketterer, A G Kholodenko, S H Kim, S Kluth, P Kodys, E Koffeman, Z Kohout, T Kohriki, T Kondo, S Koperny, V Koukol, V Kral, G Kramberger, P Kubik, N Kundu, C Lacasta, V R Lacuesta, W Lau, S-C Lee, R P Lefevre, K J C Leney, C G Lester, Z Liang, M Limper, S W Lindsay, V Linhart, A J Lintern, G Llosa Llacer, C Lockett, F K Loebinger, M Lozano Fantoba, I Ludwig, J Ludwig, G Lutz, J Lynn, M Maaßen, D Macina, A Macpherson, C Macwaters, C A Magrath, P Malecki, I Mandić, M Mangin-Brinet, S Marti i Garcia, G F Martinez-McKinney, T Maruyama, J Matheson, S J McMahon, T J McMahon, J Meinhardt, B R Mellado Garcia, I Messmer, B Mikulec, M Mikuž, S Mima, M Minano, J Mistry, V A Mitsou, P Modesto, S Moed, B Mohn, R M Moles Valls, G F Moorhead, J Morin, A K Morley, M-C Morone, J Morris, M C Morrissey, H G Moser, A Moszczynski, A J M Muijs, W J Murray, K Nagai, Y Nagai, D Naito, K Nakamura, I Nakano, C Nelson, A Nichols, R Nicholson, R B Nickerson, R Nisius, M Olcese, M Olivo Gomez, V O'Shea, B Ottewell, O Oye, E Paganis, M J Palmer, M A Parker, U Parzefall, S Pataraia, J R Pater, G Pellegrini, H Pernegger, E Perrin, A W Phillips, P W Phillips, K Poltorak, S Pospisil, T Pritchard, K Prokofiev, P N Ratoff, P Reznicek, V N Riadovikov, R H Richter, A Robichaud-Veronneau, D Robinson, S Roe, K Runge, H F Sadrozinski, J Sanchez, H Sandaker, J Santander, D Scheirich, J Schieck, K Sedlak, A Seiden, A Sfyrla, T Slavicek, T J Sloan, B Smith, M Smizanska, S W Snow, M Solar, A O Solberg, B Sopko, V Sopko, L Sospedra Suay, E Spencer, H Spieler, E Stanecka, S Stapnes, J Stastny, I Stekl, M Stodulski, A Stradling, B Stugu, P Sutcliffe, R R Szczygiel, R Takashima, R Tanaka, G J Tappern, J Tarrant, G N Taylor, P K Teng, S Terada, R J Thompson, M Titov, D R Tovey, S N Tovey, A Tricoli, M Turala, M Tyndel, F Ukegawa, M Ullan Comes, Y Unno, V Vacek, S Valkar, E Van der Kraaij, T Vickey, G H A Viehhauser, E G Villani, A P Vorobiev, J H Vossebeld, V Vrba, T Vu Anh, R S Wallny, C P Ward, R Wastie, P Webb, M Webel, M Weber, A R Weidberg, P M Weilhammer, C Weiser, P S Wells, P Werneke, M J White, M Wiesmann, I Wilhelm, I Wilmut, J A Wilson, M W Wolter, S L Wu, H Z Zhu and A Zsenei 2008 JINST 3 P10006 doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/10/P10006
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