Molecular Evolution Activities

Macy Conference on Genetics
The Fifth Macy Conference on Genetics, held November 3- 6, 1963 at Princeton University, brought together several well-known geneticists of that time period to discuss important issues in population genetics. This conference took place just before the emergence of the field of molecular evolution. Attendees included: Walter Bodmer, James Crow, Everett Dempster, Theodosius Dobzhansky, L.C. Dunn, Barry Falconer, Dick Lewontin, Howard Levene, H.J. Muller, James Neel, Bruce Wallace, and Jack Schull, among others. The format of the conference was short individual presentations followed by an informal free-for-all discussion. Fortunately, a stenographer was present throughout the conference to preserve the interactions of these scientists. We have posted the entire transcript, dividing it up by sessions.
Michael Dietrich