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Critical Phenomena Conference (1965) -- Document Repository 
Critical Phenomena Conference (1965) -- Start here 
Domb Interview 
Dyson Lectures (1951) -- Document Repository 
Dyson Lectures (1951) -- Start Here 
Dzyaloshinskii Interview 
Heller Interview 
Kadanoff Interview 
Patashinski Interview 
Polyakov Interview 
Renormalization project's public site 
Rohrlich Lectures (1953) -- Document Repository 
Rohrlich Lectures (1953) -- Start Here 
Schnitzer Interview 
Stanley Interview 
Voronel Interview 
Widom Interview 
Wilson Interview 

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Physics of Scale

Alexander Polyakov
Alexander Voronel
Alexander Z. Patashinski
Benjamin Widom
Cyril Domb
H. Eugene Stanley
Howard Schnitzer
Igor E. Dzyaloshinskii
Kenneth G. Wilson
Leo P. Kadanoff
Peter Heller

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Group Administrators
Paul Warner
Alberto Martinez
Karl Hall
Babak Ashrafi
Silvan Schweber
James Voelkel