Apollo Guidance Computer Activities

AGC Conference 3 - Cline Frasier's introduction

Apollo Guidance Computer History Project

Third conference

November 30, 2001

Cline Frasier

Cline Frasier's Introduction

CLINE FRASIER: I'm Cline Frasier. I got to the Apollo program via the Army and Sandia Corporation and then to NASA in Houston, where I got involved with the guidance system work in about 1963. And my role was as the instigator of the change of the spacecraft guidance and control system configuration from an analog system on the command service module to using digital auto-pilot, and incurring Eldon's wrath because we moved from two guidance computers to one guidance computer in the process.

To add that, from there I went on and ended up as the program manager for the primary guidance and control system, and as a result had a lot to do with MIT and Raytheon and all the other people.

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