Apollo Guidance Computer Activities

AGC: Conference 4 - Alexander Brown's introduction

Apollo Guidance Computer History Project

Fourth conference

September 6, 2002

Alexander Brown's introduction

ALEXANDER BROWN: Well, first of all, thank you all for coming. You all know me; I’m Alexander Brown. I'm a doctoral student here at MIT in the program in Science, Technology and Society, under whose auspices we're meeting today. I'll introduce Slava Gerovich, who is a graduate of our program. Slava is primarily a historian of science in the Soviet Union, and so is working on the Soviet side of the project. He's tracing the history of guidance navigation and control in the Soviet space program. And this is Professor David Mindell, who is a professor here in the Science, Technology and Society program. David is the principal investigator on this project. So I'm going to turn it over to David for about three minutes to give us a tiny overview of why are we hear, and why this project has come about.

David Mindell's introduction