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Documents and Other Resources

Document Archive

One of the aims of the Apollo Guidance Computer project is to maintain an archive of primary materials relating to the AGC; documents, images, and interviews.

These resopurces are stored in a searchable archive, largely as Adobe Acrobat files.  In order to read these, you will need to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader.   If you know of any documents we should have, or know of anyone who has any AGC related material, please contact us.

Document Library


The Apollo Guidance Computer Project is committed to bringing together engineers, scientists, astronauts and administrators who worked on the AGC.  We have an ongoing program of conferences, and the first two sets of transcripts are now online.

Conference One - examining all aspects of the AGC, especially human-machine interface, software and integration issues. Held on July 27, 2001, in Cambridge, MA.

Conference Two - focusing on software and simulation issues. Held on September 14, 2001, in Cambridge, MA.

Conference Three - centred around manufacturing and mechanical design.   Held on November 30, 2001, in Cambridge, MA.

Conference Four - discussing the Apollo spinoff company, Intermetrics.  Held on Spetember 6, 2002, in Cambridge, MA.


Professor Richard Battin - September 30, 2002.  Interviewed by David Mindell and Alexander Brown.


We also maintain a list of links to other sites related to the AGC.  If you have a related website you'd like linked from this page, or you come across a broken link, please let us know.


The AGC project would like to acknowledge the following for their generous assistance.

  • The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc for their kind assistance with the provision of photographs and documentation, much of which is on this website.
  • Eldon Hall
  • Deborah G Douglas and the MIT Museum
  • David Craig - for provision of a significant number of documents.

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