Apollo Guidance Computer Activities

AGC - Biographies of Apollo Guidance Computer People

Biographies of Apollo Guidance Computer People

  • Battin, Richard H.  (Director of Mission Development, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Cherry, G. W.
  • Chilton, Robert G.
  • Copps, E. M.
  • Crisp, Robert
  • Dahlen, J. M.
  • Eyles, Don
  • Faget, Max (Director of Engineering and Development at Manned Spacecraft Center)
  • Frasier, Cline (Program Manager, Primary Guidance and Flight Control)
  • Gilbert, David W. (NASA Manager for Apollo Guidance and Control)
  • Greenslade, Ron (Manager, Raytheon)
  • Hall, Eldon C. (Division Director of Digital Computer Development, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Hamilton, Margaret (Director of Apollo On-Board Software, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Hoag, David G. (Technical Director of Apollo Guidance and Navigation Program, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Hopkins, Albert L. (Assistant Director, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Laats, Ain
  • Laning, J. Halcombe
  • Lickly, Dan (Group leader, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Low, George (Program Chief of Manned Space Flight at NASA HQ (1958-64) / Deputy Director of the Manned Spacecraft Center (1964-1969))
  • Martin, Fred H. (Deputy Director, Apollo Mission Development Group, MIT Instrumentation Lab)
  • Miller, John E.
  • Nevins, J. L. (Assistant Director, MIT Instrumentation Lab)
  • Norton, John
  • Ragan, Ralph R. (Deputy Director for NASA Programs, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Sears, Norman E. (Director of Systems Development, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • Sheridan, Thomas (MIT Engineering Professor)
  • Silver, George (Director, Systems Test Division, MIT Instrumentation Lab)
  • Trageser, Milton B. (Director of Apollo Program, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory)
  • von Braun, Werner (Director, Marshall Space Center and designer of Saturn rocket boosters)
  • Williams, Walt(Deputy Associate Administrator in the Office of Manned Space Flight, NASA)

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