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AGC biography - Cline Frasier

Cline Frasier

frasier.jpg (29158 bytes)Cline Frasier was educated at MIT, gaining an SB in Mechanical Engineering. After military service in the US Army, he was employed by the Sandia Corporation. He moved to NASA in 1962, working in the Flight Crew Systems Division at the Johnson Space Center. He was also a frequent visitor to Cambridge where he was responsible for liaison between MIT/IL and NASA. In particular, he played a key role in the decision to include the autopilot into the digital computer aboard the Command Module, thus making it possible to reduce the number of computers from two to one. Frasier became the NASA program manager for the primary guidance and control system in 1964(?). After Apollo, he moved on to the Space Shuttle program, leading the guidance and flight control group. He was head of NASA's electronic technology task force which inspired NASA's fly-by-wire program, which used an AGC in an F-8 aircraft.

Since NASA, he has moved into strategic management consulting, a field he is still engaged in.



Cline Frasier participated in AGC project conferences 1 and 3.