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AGC biography - Dan Lickly

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Dan Lickly was educated at MIT in the class of '54. He got his SB and MS in Aeronautical Engineering, Course XVI. He started at MIT/IL in 1957, working first on the Polaris project developing guidance equations and working on the Polaris Guidance Computer. He joined the Apollo group in 1961. He led the Reentry group that developed the Guidance and Control methods for the Apollo Reentry vehicle. Lickly moved on to lead the programming effort for the SA501 and 502 flights. After that he was in charge of a larger group of programmers that did programming for the AGC on the CSM and LEM.

After the success of Apollo 8, Lickly moved, with several of his colleagues, to Intermetrics, a Cambridge MA startup they founded. He is now teaching computer science at the University of New Hampshire.




Dan Lickly participated in AGC project conferences 1 and 2

-- A.B., Jan, 2002.