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AGC biography - George Mueller

George Mueller

George E. Mueller (1918- ) was Associate Administrator for the Office of Manned Space Flight at NASA Headquarters, 1963-1969.  Known for his promotion of the "all-up testing concept" (i.e., testing the entire spacecraft as a unit rather than as individual parts), Mueller oversaw the completion of Project Apollo and the beginning the development of the Space Shuttle. He moved to the General Dynamics Corp., as senior vice president in 1969, and remained until 1971. He then became president of the Systems Development Corporation, 1971-1980, and its chairman and CEO, 1981-1983.

Read Mueller's discussion of system testing on Apollo.  Compare this with von Braun's account of the same process.

thumbmueller.jpg (11442 bytes)Dr. George Mueller gives Saturn V orientation to President John F. Kennedy and officals in Blockhouse 37. Front row, left to right: George Low, Dr. Kurt Debus, Dr. Robert Seamans, James Webb, President Kennedy, Dr. Hugh Dryden, Dr. Wernher von Braun, General Leighten Davis, and Senator
George Smathers.






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