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Introduction Contains interpretive material about the AGC and reference material about the AGC history project. This material addresses the major questions that the AGC project history has posed.


People Contains biographical details of key figures in the history of the AGC.


Documents and other resources Contains links to document archive, transcripts of conferences, and external links pages.

The AGC Project is commited to finding and preserving key documents.  Many of these have been scanned and are available in our document archives.  Browse by

Conferences.  The Apollo Guidance Computer Project is committed to bringing together engineers, scientists, astronauts and administrators who worked on the AGC to recount and preserve their stories. We have an ongoing program of conferences, and the first three sets of transcripts are now online.

  • Conference 1 - Focuses on hardware design, project management and integration.  Held on July 27, 2001.
  • Conference 2 - Focuses on software design and management issues.  Held on September 14, 2001.
  • Conference 3 - Focuses on manufacturing and mechanical design.  Held on November 30, 2001.
  • Conference 4 - Focuses on Intermetrics.  Held on September 6, 2002.

Links to external sites related to the AGC project.


Entry point to the AGC online discussion forums.


Entry point to the collaborative timeline.  Requires membership of the Apollo Guidance Computer group.


Details and contact information for AGC project staff.

Advisory Board  

Members of the AGC project advisory board.


Contains suggestions for further reading about the AGC and the social, political and cultural contexts within which the system was developed.

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