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Airbase on-line community
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Archive of Scientific & Technical Documentation (RGANTD)
  • RGANTD stores documents about the history of Russian space-rocket technology and cosmonautics: scientific-technical documentation, results of geodesic, meteorological, biological, astronomical, space-medical research; documentary sound recordings concerning the history of space exploration, including recordings of communications with spacecraft (1961-1993); films, photos and videotape recordings about the development of Russian manned space flights and international cooperation in space exploration; telemetry information about planetary research from the board of space ships.
History of Computer Science and Technology in Ukraine by Boris Malinovsky
  • first Soviet computers

  • calculators

  • computers for production control

  • onboard computers for ships and submarines 

  • onboard computers for missiles

  • Institute of Cybernetics in Kyiv

History of Russian and Soviet Computing Timeline
  • detailed timeline developed by the Department of Computer Systems and Technologies at the Moscow Physical Technical Institute

History of Russian and Soviet Cosmonautics by Aleksandr Krasnikov

  • designers

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  • launch database

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Encyclopedia Astronautica by Mark Wade

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Encyclopedia Cosmonautica by Aleksandr Zhelezniakov

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  • space exploration chronology

  • space programs

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  • International Space Station

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) History Office 
News of Cosmonautics (on-line magazine)
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  • Launch Vehicles. Rocket Engines

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Representations of Russian Space History on the Internet (conference proceedings)
  • streaming videos of 21 presentations from the Conference on the Problems of Representation of Russian Space History on the Internet in Tarusa, November 8-9, 2000

Russian Aerospace Guide
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Russian Space Web by Anatoly Zak
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Soviet Web Space by Asif Siddiqi
  • ballistic missiles

  • spacecraft and launchers

  • cosmonaut crew changes, 1960-1974

  • launch sites

  • rocket engines

  • design bureaus/institutes

  • management organizations

Space Shuttle Buran (Molniya Industrial Research Corporation)
  • Buran designers

  • Buran pilots

  • Buran design

  • Buran flight

  • Energia launcher

  • Spiral project

  • Bor experimental space vehicles

  • Multipurpose Aerospace System (MAKS)

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SpaceNews.ru (on-line magazine)
Virtual Computer Museum by Eduard Proydakov
  • timeline

  • computing before computers

  • English-Russian computer dictionary

  • history of computing abroad

  • history of communications engineering

  • history of videogames

  • bibliography

  • Hall of Fame

  • first computers

  • history of computer technology in the USSR

  • history of software

  • computer technologies

Virtual Museum of the First Space Flight


Virtual Space Museum by Aleksandr Chernov
  • timelines

  • manned flights

  • interplanetary flights

  • cancelled projects

  • photos

  • 3D models

40th anniversary of Gagarin's flight (Institute for Biomedical Problems)
  • cosmonaut selection

  • training

  • biomedical tests

  • flights of Gagarin and Titov

  • after flight publicity

  • photos

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