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Michel Armand

Michel Armand, who currently works at the University of Montreal, has played a prominent role in the development of solid state batteries. Perhaps he is best known in connection with the proposal to use polymers as ionic conductors (to be used in batteries), an idea that originally seemed bizarre, because ions were thought to move only in channels or in two-dimensional openings, such as those provided by the layered nature of graphite and titanium disulfide. And polymers are not so ordered: they provide neither one- nor two-dimensional channels (see also our solid-state battery tutorial). Read a biographical overview and an interview of Michel Armand (a couple of sentences of which are in French), in which he talks candidly about the history of the field, and about his predictions for the future of the hybrid and then the electrical vehicle - and about their impact upon the environment. And please contribute to our discussion on the electrical vehicle.

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