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B&R paper9 (1986)

Binnig & Rohrer, Paper 9 (Europhysics Letters):

By the time of the following publication (written with Fuchs, Gerber, Stoll, and Tosatti, submitted in September 1995 and published in early 1986) confidence was very high. In the meantime, other laboratories had reported success with STMs. And Binnig and Rohrer now had a pocket-size STM. It was incorporated into a scanning-electron/scanning-Auger microscope. The paper compared the actual measurements of graphite with a theoretical model devised by Tersoff and Hamann. Graphite was useful for the purpose, they argued, because it has an easily calculable electronic structure and because graphite as a semi-metal exhibits no reconstruction problems. It was also purchaseable off the shelf (Union Carbide Corp., product code 401A). The match between measurement and theory was good.

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[Graphite: measurement and model]. This paper also provided a further understanding of the STM in the sense of helping others to get replicable results. There is a graph showing how the corrugation becomes less pronounced with increased voltage, due to the dependence of the corrugation upon local density of states. Importantly, only the amplitude of the corrugation is affected. This was a very strong argument (was everyone convinced?) that the corrugation reveals the topography of the surface.

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