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Paul Hagenmuller introduction
Paul Hagenmuller, born in Alsace in 1921, developed solid-state chemistry in France. He first initiated a research program at the University of Rennes (1956-60). In 1960 he set up a dynamic laboratory in Bordeaux. In 1964, Hagenmuller organized an international conference dedicated to the relations between structure and physical properties in oxides of the transition elements. The meeting gathered together chemists, crystallographers and solid-state physicists and prompted the establishment of an international community of solid-state chemists. In Bordeaux, Hagenmuller became the head of a research school working, at the interface between physics and chemistry, on the relation between atomic/electronic structure and physical properties, with a strong emphasis on industrial applications.

The Bordeaux research school has attracted scientists and students from all over the world (both developed and emerging countries) and many brilliant chemists of the next generation such as Jean Rouxel were trained in Bordeaux. Paul Hagenmuller retired in 1994. A jubilee celebration was organized at the Maison de la chimie in Paris in 1997. In 2001, his 80th birthday was celebrated in a special issue of the journal Solid State Chemistry. Read our interview of Hagenmuller (sorry, French only).

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