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Joergen Garnaes introduction

Joergen Garnaes

Joergen Garnaes (Jørgen Garnæs) is the Danish Institue of Fundamental Metrology's (DFM) specialist on scanning probe microscopy. He studied physics and mathematics at Copenhagen University, and received a PhD in 1991 from the Laboratory of Applied Physics at the Danish Technical University for a thesis on scanning probe microscopy. From 1992 he has been employed at the DFM. Since 1993 he has been involved in collaborations between national European metrological institutes, and since 1996 he has been a coordinator of the EU network on the calibration and metrological use of scanning probe microscopes.

On the right, Joergen Garnaes explains the workings of a Nanoscope STM.

Joergen Garnaes was one of the first in Denmark to build his own STM. He has collaborated with the Aarhus STM group, and has spent a year in Paul Hansma's lab in Santa Barbara, California.

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