Project Information

This project is hosted at the
Dibner Institute for the
History of Science and Technology

and funded jointly by the
Dibner Fund and the
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The project goal is to build a web-based collaborative system and digital library for the history of five contemporary technical fields. To that end, we are adapting and integrating the ArsDigita Collaborative System (specifically, its cousin openACS), and the Perseus digital library system. We gratefully acknowledge ArsDigita and Perseus, as well as the larger open source community, for making their software available to projects like ours.

Principal Investigator: Jed Z. Buchwald
Project Manager: Babak Ashrafi
Lead Programmer: Daniel Tsai
Programmer: Paul Warner
Contact Manager: Babak Ashrafi
Application Manager: James Voelkel
Multimedia and OCR Advisor: Arne Hessenbruch
Graphic & Interface Design: Stephanie Munson
Copyright Advisor: Bonnie Edwards

Apollo Guidance: David Mindell
Bioinformatics: Tim Lenoir
Materials Science and Eng.: Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent
Molecular Evolution: John Beatty
Physics of Scales: Babak Ashrafi
Apollo Guidance: Slava Gerovitch
Materials Science and Eng.: Arne Hessenbruch
Molecular Evolution: Michael Dietrich
Physics of Scales: Karl Hall
Physics of Scales: Sam Schweber

Apollo Guidance: Sandy Brown
Bioinformatics: Casey Alt
Bioinformatics: Gabriella Janni
Molecular Evolution: Jay Aronson

Digital Library Advisors
Perseus: Gregory Crane
Perseus: Anne Mahoney
Perseus: David Smith