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Advanced Quantum Mechanics

The Dyson lectures



One of Freeman Dyson's first tasks as a newly-minted professor of physics at Cornell in the fall of 1951 was to offer a course on quantum electrodynamics that incorporated many of the new techniques which he, Feynman, Schwinger, Tomonaga, and others had been developing. Dyson wrote up the notes to these lectures, variously titled Advanced Quantum Theory or Advanced Quantum Mechanics in mimeograph form. The mimeographs of these lecture notes are made available for viewing here.

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Mimeographs courtesy of
Prof. F. J. Dyson


Table of Contents


The Dirac Theory

Scattering Problems and Born Approximation

Field Theory

The Schwinger Action Principle

Examples of Quantized Field Theories

The Maxwell Field

Theory of Line Shift and Line Width

Field Theory of the Dirac Electron, Without Interaction

Field Theory of Dirac Electron in External Field

Field Theory of Dirac and Maxwell Fields in Interaction

Free Particle Scattering Problems

General Theory of Free-Particle Scattering

Scattering by a Static Potential