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Applied Quantum Electrodynamics

The Rohrlich lectures
October 1953



As a visiting professor at Princeton University in the spring of 1953, Fritz Rohrlich offered a course on relativistic quantum theory for the many students eager to master the novel techniques introduced by Feynman, Schwinger, Dyson, and Tomonaga. Rohrlich and his students wrote up the notes to these lectures in mimeograph form as Applied Quantum Electrodynamics, which is made available for viewing here.

After returning to the State University of Iowa, Rohrlich joined forces with his colleague J. M. Jauch, drawing upon these lectures to write the well-known textbook The Theory of Photons and Electrons (1955). Due to the quickly changing subject matter and the collaborative authorship, the latter textbook differs considerably from Rohrlich's earlier lectures, which are consequently of considerable historical interest.

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Mimeographs courtesy of
Prof. Fritz Rohrlich



Title Page


Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. The Electrodynamic Field

III. The Electron-Positron Field

IV. Survey of the Theory

V. Scattering of Electrons by a Coulomb Field

VI. Scattering of Light by Electrons

VII. Bremsstrahlung, Pair Production and Annihilation

VIII. Divergence Problems

IX. Radiative Corrections to Scattering and the Lamb Shift