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Published April 19, 2021 | Published
Journal Article Open

Radiative Cooling of the Thermally Isolated System in KAGRA Gravitational Wave Telescope

Akutsu, T. ORCID icon
Ando, M.
Arai, K.
Arai, Y.
Araki, S.
Araya, A.
Aritomi, N.
Aso, Y.
Bae, S.-W.
Bae, Y.-B.
Baiotti, L.
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Yokoyama, J.
Yokozawa, T.
Yoshioka, T.
Yuzurihara, H.
Zeidler, S.
Zhao, Y.
Zhu, Z.-H.


Radiative cooling of the thermally isolated system is investigated in KAGRA gravitational wave telescope. KAGRA is a laser interferometer-based detector and main mirrors constituting optical cavities are cool down to 20K to reduce noises caused by the thermal fluctuation. The mirror is suspended with the multi-stage pendulum to isolate any vibration. Therefore, this mirror suspension system has few heat links to reduce vibration injection. Thus, this system is mainly cooled down with thermal radiation. In order to understand the process of radiative cooling of the mirror, we analyzed cooling curve based on mass and specific heat. As a result, it was newly found that a cryogenic part called "cryogenic duct-shield" seems to have large contribution in the beginning of the mirror cooling. This finding will help to design new cooling system for the next generation cryogenic gravitational wave detector.

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