Table 2. GEOS-CHEM CO2 Fluxes for March to April, 2001

Region	Symbol	C Fluxa, mg C m-2 d-1	Areab, 1010 m2
China	CHINA	596	1,421
Japan	JAPAN	1452	92
Korea	KOREA	3993	29
India	INDIA	744	336
Southeast Asia	SEASIA	533	456
Rest of the Worldc	ROTW	32	48,389

aValues are net fluxes and include contributions from fossil fuel and biofuel combustion, biomass burning, and exchange with the biosphere. The GEOS-CHEM model fluxes are taken as the "true" fluxes for purpose of the OSSE.
bLand area for flux regions defined in Figure 9.
cIncludes the CO2 flux associated with the atmosphere-ocean exchange.