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Document Number: E-PRLTAO-98-097714

Journal: Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 135002 (2007)

All Authors:  S. K. P. Tripathi, P. M. Bellan, and G. S. Yun

Title: Observation of kinetic jets of plasma in a coronal-Loop simulation experiment

Description of the WMV (movie) files
The movie files "hp_4453_4455", "lp_4398_4400", and "lf_4451_4448" respectively show the time evolution of laboratory plasma loops at high gas injection mass (shot numbers: 4453, 4455), at low gas injection mass (shot numbers: 4398,4400), and at low magnetic field (shot numbers: 4451, 4448). Each one of these movie files are produced using 32 frames recorded by a gated, intensified CCD camera. The inter-frame delay is 350 ns and the exposure time for the each camera frame is 20 ns. Selected frames from these three plasma configurations are shown in Figure 4. The kinetic plasma jet (propagating far to the right) emerges only in movie files "lp_4398_4400" and "lf_4451_4448", which are associated with the existence of negative S in the cathode region. 
Description of the EPS file (vz_measurement.eps)
This figure shows two examples of the plasma front velocity Vz measurement from the camera images.  (a) This plasma arch was produced at a high gas injection mass Mn ~ 4.9 mg. In this case, the plasma front moves ~ 1.5 cm in 0.5 microseconds which corresponds to Vz ~ 30 km/s.  (b) At a lower gas injection
mass Mn ~ 2.3 mg, the plasma front moves ~ 3.0 cm in 0.5 microseconds resulting in a higher Vz ~ 60 km/s. The plasma front velocity measurements for more than 100 plasma shots corroborate that the plasma front moves with a higher velocity at a lower gas injection mass. Spectroscopy measurements confirm that the
bright-light fronts are due to the emission from the argon ions. 

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