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Dungee, Ryan and Boogert, Adwin and DeWitt, Curtis N. et al. (2018) High-resolution SOFIA/EXES Spectroscopy of SO_2 Gas in the Massive Young Stellar Object MonR2 IRS3: Implications for the Sulfur Budget. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 868 (1). Art. No. L10. ISSN 2041-8213. PMCID PMC6376201.


Du, Fujun and Bergin, Edwin Anthony and Hogerheijde, Michiel et al. (2017) Survey of Cold Water Lines in Protoplanetary Disks: Indications of Systematic Volatile Depletion. Astrophysical Journal, 842 (2). Art. No. 98. ISSN 1538-4357.


Morris, Patrick W. and Gupta, Harshal and Nagy, Zsofia et al. (2016) Herschel/HIFI Spectral Mapping of C^+, CH^+, and CH in Orion BN/KL: The Prevailing Role of Ultraviolet Irradiation in CH^+ Formation. Astrophysical Journal, 829 (1). Art. No. 15. ISSN 0004-637X.


Müller, Holger S. P. and Muller, Sébastien and Schilke, Peter et al. (2015) Detection of extragalactic argonium, ArH+, toward PKS 1830−211. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 582 . L4. ISSN 0004-6361.

Neufeld, David A. and Black, John H. and Gerin, Maryvonne et al. (2015) Herschel Observations of Interstellar Chloronium. II. Detections toward G29.96-0.02, W49N, W51, and W3(OH), and Determinations of the Ortho-to-Para and ^(35)Cl/^(37)Cl Isotopic Ratios. Astrophysical Journal, 807 (1). Art. No. 54. ISSN 0004-637X.

Sonnentrucker, P. and Wolfire, M. and Neufeld, D. A. et al. (2015) A Herschel/HIFI Legacy Survey of HF and H_2O in the Galaxy: Probing Diffuse Molecular Cloud Chemistry. Astrophysical Journal, 806 (1). Art. No. 49. ISSN 0004-637X.

Indriolo, Nick and Neufeld, D. A. and Gerin, M. et al. (2015) Herschel Survey of Galactic OH^+, H_2O^+, and H_3O^+: Probing the Molecular Hydrogen Fraction and Cosmic-Ray Ionization Rate. Astrophysical Journal, 800 (1). Art. No. 40. ISSN 0004-637X.

Gerin, M. and Ruaud, M. and Goicoechea, J. R. et al. (2015) [C II] absorption and emission in the diffuse interstellar medium across the Galactic plane. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 573 . Art. No. A30. ISSN 0004-6361.

Teyssier, D. and Cernicharo, J. and Quintana-Lacaci, G. et al. (2015) Time Variability of Molecular Line Emission in IRC+10216. In: Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars III: A Closer Look in Space and Time. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. No.497. Astronomical Society of the Pacific , San Francisco, CA, pp. 43-48. ISBN 978-1-58381-878-7.


Chen, Jo-Hsin and Goldsmith, Paul F. and Viti, Serena et al. (2014) Herschel HIFI observations of O_2 toward Orion: special conditions for shock enhanced emission. Astrophysical Journal, 793 (2). Art. No. 111. ISSN 0004-637X.

Schilke, P. and Neufeld, D. A. and Müller, H. S. P. et al. (2014) Ubiquitous argonium (ArH^+) in the diffuse interstellar medium: A molecular tracer of almost purely atomic gas. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 566 . Art. No. A29. ISSN 0004-6361.

Monje, R. R. and Lord, S. and Falgarone, E. et al. (2014) Hydrogen Fluoride toward Luminous Nearby Galaxies: NGC 253 and NGC 4945. Astrophysical Journal, 785 (1). Art. No. 22. ISSN 0004-637X.


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Monje, R. R. and Lis, D. C. and Roueff, E. et al. (2013) Hydrogen chloride in diffuse interstellar clouds along the line of sight to W31C (G10.6-0.4). Astrophysical Journal, 767 (1). Art. No. 81. ISSN 0004-637X.

Emprechtinger, M. and Lis, D. C. and Rolffs, R. et al. (2013) The Abundance, Ortho/Para Ratio, and Deuteration of Water in the High-mass Star-forming Region NGC 6334 I. Astrophysical Journal, 765 (1). Art. No. 61. ISSN 0004-637X.

Manoj, P. and Watson, D. M. and Neufeld, D. A. et al. (2013) Herschel/PACS Spectroscopic Survey of Protostars in Orion: The Origin of Far-infrared CO Emission. Astrophysical Journal, 763 (2). Art. No. 83. ISSN 0004-637X.

Ossenkopf, V. and Röllig, M. and Neufeld, D. A. et al. (2013) Herschel/HIFI observations of [C II] and [^(13)C II] in photon-dominated regions. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 550 . Art. No. A57. ISSN 0004-6361.

Sonnentrucker, P. and Neufeld, D. A. and Gerin, M. et al. (2013) Herschel Observations Reveal Anomalous Molecular Abundances toward the Galactic Center. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 763 (1). Art. No. L19. ISSN 2041-8205.

Flagey, N. and Goldsmith, P. F. and Lis, D. C. et al. (2013) Water Absorption in Galactic Translucent Clouds: Conditions and History of the Gas Derived from Herschel/HIFI PRISMAS Observations. Astrophysical Journal, 762 (1). Art. No. 11. ISSN 0004-637X.


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Godard, B. and Falgarone, E. and Gerin, M. et al. (2012) Comparative study of CH^+ and SH^+ absorption lines observed towards distant star-forming regions. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 540 . Art. No. A87. ISSN 0004-6361.

Neufeld, David A. and Lis, Dariusz and Monje, Raquel et al. (2012) Herschel Observations of Interstellar Chloronium. Astrophysical Journal, 748 (1). p. 37. ISSN 0004-637X.


Monje, R. R. and Phillips, T. G. and Peng, R. et al. (2011) Discovery of Hydrogen Fluoride in the Cloverleaf Quasar at z = 2.56. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 742 (2). L21. ISSN 2041-8205.

Hogerheijde, Michiel R. and Bergin, Edwin A. and Brinch, Christian et al. (2011) Detection of the Water Reservoir in a Forming Planetary System. Science, 334 (6054). pp. 338-340. ISSN 0036-8075.

Lis, D. C. and Neufeld, D. A. and Phillips, T. G. et al. (2011) Discovery of Water Vapor in the High-redshift Quasar APM 08279+5255 at z = 3.91. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 738 (1). Art. No. L6. ISSN 2041-8205.

Monje, R. R. and Emprechtinger, M. and Phillips, T. G. et al. (2011) Herschel/HIFI Observations of Hydrogen Fluoride Toward Sagittarius B2(M). Astrophysical Journal Letters, 734 (1). Art. No. L23. ISSN 2041-8205.


Neufeld, D. A. and Phillips, T. G. and Lis, D. C. et al. (2010) Herschel/HIFI observations of interstellar OH^+ and H_2O^+ towards W49N: a probe of diffuse clouds with a small molecular fraction. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 521 . Art. No. L10. ISSN 0004-6361.


Shafer, R. A. and Moseley, S. H., Jr. and Ade, P. A. et al. (2000) Submillimeter and far-infrared experiment (SAFIRE): a PI class instrument for SOFIA. In: Airborne Telescope Systems. Proceedings of SPIE. No.4014. Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) , Bellingham, WA, pp. 98-108. ISBN 9780819436399.

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