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O'Grady, Anna J. G. and Drout, Maria R. and Shappee, B. J. et al. (2020) Cool, Luminous, and Highly Variable Stars in the Magellanic Clouds from ASAS-SN: Implications for Thorne-Żytkow Objects and Super-Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars. Astrophysical Journal, 901 (2). Art. No. 135. ISSN 1538-4357.


Dupuy, Trent J. and Liu, Michael C. and Best, William M. J. et al. (2019) WISE J072003.20-084651.2B is a Massive T Dwarf. Astronomical Journal, 158 (5). Art. No. 174. ISSN 1538-3881.

Trakhtenbrot, Benny and Arcavi, Iair and MacLeod, Chelsea L. et al. (2019) 1ES 1927+654: an AGN Caught Changing Look on a Timescale of Months. Astrophysical Journal, 883 (1). Art. No. 94. ISSN 1538-4357.

Schmidt, Sarah J. and Shappee, Benjamin J. and van Saders, Jennifer L. et al. (2019) Largest M Dwarf Flares from ASAS-SN. Astrophysical Journal, 876 (2). Art. No. 115. ISSN 1538-4357.


Shappee, B. J. and Simon, J. D. and Drout, M. R. et al. (2017) Early spectra of the gravitational wave source GW170817: Evolution of a neutron star merger. Science, 358 (6370). pp. 1574-1578. ISSN 0036-8075.

Drout, M. R. and Piro, A. L. and Shappee, B. J. et al. (2017) Light curves of the neutron star merger GW170817/SSS17a: Implications for r-process nucleosynthesis. Science, 358 (6370). pp. 1570-1574. ISSN 0036-8075.

Kochanek, C. S. and Fraser, M. and Adams, S. M. et al. (2017) Supernova progenitors, their variability and the Type IIP Supernova ASASSN-16fq in M66. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 467 (3). pp. 3347-3360. ISSN 0035-8711.


Fong, W. and Margutti, R. and Chornock, R. et al. (2016) The Afterglow and Early-type Host Galaxy of the Short GRB 150101B at z = 0.1343. Astrophysical Journal, 833 (2). Art. No. 151. ISSN 0004-637X.

Rodriguez, Joseph E. and Stassun, Keivan G. and Lund, Michael B. et al. (2016) An Extreme Analogue of є Aurigae: An M-giant Eclipsed Every 69 Years by a Large Opaque Disk Surrounding a Small Hot Source. Astronomical Journal, 151 (5). Art. No. 123. ISSN 0004-6256.

Jencson, J. E. and Prieto, J. L. and Kochanek, C. S. et al. (2016) Optical observations of the luminous Type IIn Supernova 2010jl for over 900 d. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 456 (3). pp. 2622-2635. ISSN 0035-8711.


Abeysekara, A. U. and Archambault, S. and Archer, A. et al. (2015) Gamma rays from the quasar PKS 1441+25: story of an escape. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 815 (2). Art. No. L22. ISSN 2041-8205.

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