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Zhang, Ying K. and Sanchez-Ayala, Marco A. and Sternberg, Paul W. et al. (2017) Improved Synthesis for Modular Ascarosides Uncovers Biological Activity. Organic Letters, 19 (11). pp. 2837-2840. ISSN 1523-7060. PMCID PMC5533076.


Narayan, Anusha and Venkatachalam, Vivek and Durak, Omer et al. (2016) Contrasting responses within a single neuron class enable sex-specific attraction in Caenorhabditis elegans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 (10). E1392-E1401. ISSN 0027-8424. PMCID PMC4791020.


Rakowski, Franciszek and Srinivasan, Jagan and Sternberg, Paul W. et al. (2013) Synaptic polarity of the interneuron circuit controlling C. elegans locomotion. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 7 . Art. No. 128. ISSN 1662-5188. PMCID PMC3788333.

Artyukhin, Alexander B. and Yim, Joshua J. and Srinivasan, Jagan et al. (2013) Succinylated Octopamine Ascarosides and a New Pathway of Biogenic Amine Metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288 (26). pp. 18778-18783. ISSN 0021-9258. PMCID PMC3696653.

Srinivasan, Jagan and Dillman, Adler R. and Macchietto, Marissa G. et al. (2013) The Draft Genome and Transcriptome of Panagrellus redivivus Are Shaped by the Harsh Demands of a Free-Living Lifestyle. Genetics, 193 (4). pp. 1279-1295. ISSN 0016-6731. PMCID PMC3606103.


Izrayelit, Yevgeniy and Srinivasan, Jagan and Campbell, Sydney L. et al. (2012) Targeted Metabolomics Reveals a Male Pheromone and Sex-Specific Ascaroside Biosynthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans. ACS Chemical Biology, 7 (8). pp. 1321-1325. ISSN 1554-8929. PMCID PMC3423530.

Kroetz, Silvina M. and Srinivasan, Jagan and Yaghoobian, Jonathan et al. (2012) The cGMP Signaling Pathway Affects Feeding Behavior in the Necromenic Nematode Pristionchus pacificus. PLoS ONE, 7 (4). Art. No. e34464. ISSN 1932-6203. PMCID PMC3338501.

von Reuss, Stephan H. and Bose, Neelanjan and Srinivasan, Jagan et al. (2012) Comparative Metabolomics Reveals Biogenesis of Ascarosides, a Modular Library of Small-Molecule Signals in C. elegans. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134 (3). pp. 1817-1824. ISSN 0002-7863. PMCID PMC3269134.

Srinivasan, Jagan and von Reuss, Stephan H. and Bose, Neelanjan et al. (2012) A Modular Library of Small Molecule Signals Regulates Social Behaviors in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Biology, 10 (1). e1001237. ISSN 1544-9173. PMCID PMC3254649.


Chung, Kwanghun and Zhan, Mei and Srinivasan, Jagan et al. (2011) Microfluidic chamber arrays for whole-organism behavior-based chemical screening. Lab on a Chip, 11 (21). pp. 3689-3697. ISSN 1473-0197. PMCID PMC3924777.

Kaplan, Fatma and Srinivasan, Jagan and Mahanti, Parag et al. (2011) Ascaroside Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans Is Strongly Dependent on Diet and Developmental Stage. PLoS ONE, 6 (3). Art. No. e17804. ISSN 1932-6203. PMCID PMC3058051.


Rivard, Laura and Srinivasan, Jagan and Stone, Allison et al. (2010) A comparison of experience-dependent locomotory behaviors and biogenic amine neurons in nematode relatives of Caenorhabditis elegans. BMC Neuroscience, 11 . Art. No. 22. ISSN 1471-2202. PMCID PMC2836364.


Pungaliya, Chirag and Srinivasan, Jagan and Fox, Bennett W. et al. (2009) A shortcut to identifying small molecule signals that regulate behavior and development in Caenorhabditis elegans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 106 (19). pp. 7708-7713. ISSN 0027-8424. PMCID PMC2683085.


Srinivasan, Jagan and Durak, Omer and Sternberg, Paul W. (2008) Evolution of a polymodal sensory response network. BMC Biology, 6 . Art. No. 52. ISSN 1741-7007. PMCID PMC2636771.

Srinivasan, Jagan and Sternberg, Paul W. (2008) Pristionchus pacificus: an appropriate fondness for beetles. Nature Genetics, 40 (10). pp. 1146-1147. ISSN 1061-4036.

Srinivasan, Jagan and Kaplan, Fatma and Ajredini, Ramadan et al. (2008) A blend of small molecules regulates both mating and development in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature, 454 (7208). pp. 1115-1118. ISSN 0028-0836. PMCID PMC2774729.


Rätsch, Gunnar and Sonnenburg, Sören and Srinivasan, Jagan et al. (2007) Improving the Caenorhabditis elegans Genome Annotation Using Machine Learning. PLoS Computational Biology, 3 (2). pp. 313-322. ISSN 1553-734X. PMCID PMC1808025.

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