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Kupfer, Thomas and Bauer, Evan B. and Burdge, Kevin B. et al. (2020) A New Class of Roche Lobe–filling Hot Subdwarf Binaries. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 898 (1). Art. No. L25. ISSN 2041-8213.

Miller, A. A. and Magee, M. R. and Polin, A. et al. (2020) The Spectacular Ultraviolet Flash from the Peculiar Type Ia Supernova 2019yvq. Astrophysical Journal, 898 (1). Art. No. 56. ISSN 1538-4357.

Andreoni, Igor and Lu, Wenbin and Smith, Roger M. et al. (2020) Zwicky Transient Facility Constraints on the Optical Emission from the Nearby Repeating FRB 180916.J0158+65. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 896 (1). Art. No. L2. ISSN 2041-8213.

Yao, Yuhan and De, Kishalay and Kasliwal, Mansi M. et al. (2020) SN2019dge: a Helium-rich Ultra-Stripped Envelope Supernova. . (Unpublished)

Stein, Robert and van Velzen, Sjoert and Kowalski, Marek et al. (2020) A high-energy neutrino coincident with a tidal disruption event. . (Unpublished)

De, Kishalay and Kasliwal, Mansi M. and Tzanidakis, Anastasios et al. (2020) The Zwicky Transient Facility Census of the Local Universe I: Systematic search for Calcium rich gap transients reveal three related spectroscopic sub-classes. . (Unpublished)

Soumagnac, Maayane T. and Ofek, Eran O. and Liang, Jingyi et al. (2020) Early Ultra-Violet observations of type IIn supernovae constrain the asphericity of their circumstellar material. . (Unpublished)

Bulla, Mattia and Miller, Adam A. and Yao, Yuhan et al. (2020) ZTF Early Observations of Type Ia Supernovae III: Early-Time Colors as a Test for Explosion Models and Multiple Populations. . (Unpublished)


Ho, Anna Y. Q. and Goldstein, Daniel A. and Schulze, Steve et al. (2019) Evidence for Late-stage Eruptive Mass Loss in the Progenitor to SN2018gep, a Broad-lined Ic Supernova: Pre-explosion Emission and a Rapidly Rising Luminous Transient. Astrophysical Journal, 887 (2). Art. No. 169. ISSN 1538-4357.

Yao, Yuhan and Miller, Adam A. and Kulkarni, S. R. et al. (2019) ZTF Early Observations of Type Ia Supernovae I: Properties of the 2018 Sample. Astrophysical Journal, 886 (2). Art. No. 152. ISSN 1538-4357.

Yao, Yuhan and Feng, Hua (2019) A Wind-disk Self-irradiation Model for Supercritical Accretion. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 884 (1). Art. No. L3. ISSN 2041-8213.

Lunnan, R. and Yan, Lin and Perley, D. A. et al. (2019) Four (Super)Luminous Supernovae From the First Months of the ZTF Survey. . (Unpublished)

Jencson, Jacob E. and Adams, Scott M. and Bond, Howard E. et al. (2019) Discovery of an Intermediate-luminosity Red Transient in M51 and Its Likely Dust-obscured, Infrared-variable Progenitor. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 880 (2). Art. No. L20. ISSN 2041-8213.

Ho, Anna Y. Q. and Goldstein, Daniel A. and Schulze, Steve et al. (2019) The Death Throes of a Stripped Massive Star: An Eruptive Mass-Loss History Encoded in Pre-Explosion Emission, a Rapidly Rising Luminous Transient, and a Broad-Lined Ic Supernova SN2018gep. . (Unpublished)

Zhou, Yu and Feng, Hua and Ho, Luis C. et al. (2019) Evidence for Optically Thick, Eddington-limited Winds Driven by Supercritical Accretion. Astrophysical Journal, 871 (1). Art. No. 115. ISSN 1538-4357.


Yao, Yuhan and Meyer, Michael R. and Covey, Kevin R. et al. (2018) IN-SYNC. VIII. Primordial Disk Frequencies in NGC 1333, IC 348, and the Orion A Molecular Cloud. Astrophysical Journal, 869 (1). Art. No. 72. ISSN 1538-4357.

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