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Brach, Stella (2016) Strength properties of nanoporous materials: Theoretical analyses and Molecular Dynamics computations. PhD thesis, Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University.

Okazaki, Tadashi (2015) Superconformal Quantum Mechanics from M2-branes. PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology.

Chandrasekaran, Venkat (2011) Convex Optimization Methods for Graphs and Statistical Modeling. PhD thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Faraon, Andrei (2009) Locally controlled photonic crystal devices with coupled quantum dots: physics and applications. PhD thesis, Stanford University.

Tsai, Victor Chen (2009) The Use of Simple Physical Models in Seismology and Glaciology. PhD thesis, Harvard University.

Brandão, Fernando Guadalupe dos Santos Lins (2008) Entanglement Theory and the Quantum Simulation of Many-Body Physics. PhD thesis, University of London.

Mendoza-Cortés, José Luis (2008) Ab initio based grand canonical Monte-Carlo simulations of CH_4 uptake in covalent-organic frameworks (COFs). Bachelors thesis, Instituto Tecnólogico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

Blanquart, Guillaume (2008) Chemical and statistical soot modeling. PhD thesis, Stanford University.

Shupe, Rebecca S. (2007) Noise Reduction and Flow Characteristics in Asymmetric Dual-Stream Jets. Masters thesis, University of California, Irvine.

Wierman, Adam (2007) Scheduling for today’s computer systems: bridging theory and practice. PhD thesis, Carnegie Mellon University.

Howard, Andrew William (2006) Astronomical Searches for Nanosecond Optical Pulses. PhD thesis, Harvard University.

Hung, Patrick (2003) Algorithms for Reaction Mechanism Reduction and Numerical Simulation of Detonations Initiated by Projectiles. PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology.

Mo, Chunhui (2003) Synaptic learning rules for local synaptic interactions : theory and application to direction selectivity. PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology.

Itti, Laurent (2000) Models of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Visual Attention. PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology.

Shum, Matthew (1998) Three essays in empirical industrial organization. PhD thesis, Stanford University.

Hucka, Michael (1998) Approximate Spatial Layout Processing in the Visual System: Modeling Texture-Based Segmentation and Shape Estimation. PhD thesis, University of Michigan.

Snyder, G. Jeffrey (1997) Magnetism and Electron Transport in Magnetoresistive Lanthanum Calcium Manganite. PhD thesis, Stanford University.

Hassibi, Babak (1996) Indefinite metric spaces in estimation, control and adaptive filtering. PhD thesis, Stanford University.

Brennen, C. (1966) Cavitation and Other Free Surface Phenomena. PhD thesis, Oxford University.

Schmidt, Maarten (1956) A Model of the Distribution of Mass in the Galactic System. PhD thesis, Leiden University.

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